Family Newsletter 2/3/2023

Hello Maverick Nation!   

PTSA General Meeting with Social Media Guest Speakers 

Thank you to our amazing PTSA for hosting the General Meeting last week with guest speakers from Anchor Light Therapy Collective. The focus of the presentation was on helping parents navigate social media with and for their kids and keep them safe.  Some important points/recommendations that were shared were: 

  1. Keeping screen time in public areas of the house 
  1. Limiting screen time to 2 hours/day 
  1. Screen time has strong links to lower psychological well-being 
  1. Keep phones/electronics out of bedrooms at bedtime!! (please!!!!)  
  1. Parents should have an understanding with their children that privacy is not a guarantee and discuss how parents plan to monitor and talk about their child’s participation in social media. 

Though there was some emphasis on Cyber “bullying” which can take on a life of its own and is terrible, I did share that in my experience as an administrator, the vast majority of issues that I see having a huge effect on most of our kids is simply people being habitually unkind on social media and addicted to its use.   

I shared that we address many issues and incidents that either originate on social media or have a strong response on social media. Very, very challenging, to say the least. 

The therapists have provided the slides from their presentation, Online Cyberbullying: How Parents Can Help Their Children Navigate The Digital World

Please download them and have a look. 

Also, here is an article (2018) about Silicon Valley parents’ (those who create our devices) warnings about cell phones and their rules for their own children (spoiler alert: they mostly don’t let them use devices/phones).  

And… an article (2022) linking smart phone use and depression 

None of us are suggesting removing cell phones or telling your family to what extent you should be monitoring your child’s cell phone use. We just want to give you information to help you and your family keep your kids safe and feeling positive about their world! 

Second Semester – February 9th!! 

We are already almost halfway done with this school year…what???? The last day of first semester will be Wednesday, February 8th.  Second Semester starts Thursday, February 9th.  Students will get a paper copy of their second semester schedule first thing that morning when they report to Advisory.  

Despite a very few outliers, all of your McClure student’s core classes (Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies) will remain the same.  The only change on students’ schedules will likely be a change to their exploratory classes; for example, if they currently have Math & Science On the Job and PE, these classes would change to something like PE and Psychology.  If they have year long electives like Spanish, Band, Choir or WEB, these will not change.  

Also, a quick reminder that there will be NO day off on February 2nd; this is a make-up day due to our late start date.  

  • Mid-Winter Break is February 21-24 
  • And, if you are planning ahead, please note, our school year ends on the last day of June – June 30th!  

Black Lives Matter in School Week 2/6-2/10 

Schools across our country including Seattle Public Schools and, of course, McClure are observing Nationwide Black Lives Matter in Schools week next week 2/6-2/10. The Seattle Education Association has endorsed the event. “The goal of Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools is to spark an ongoing movement of critical reflection and honest conversation in school communities for people of all ages to engage with critical issues of racial justice.”  Teachers have been collaboratively preparing developmentally appropriate lessons to serve our students at McClure. They look forward to providing a safe and focused space to explore these topics.  Also, rest assured, at McClure learning about racism and responses to social injustices throughout history is not a one-week commitment.  We are participating in this nationwide focus this week, but our staff is also dedicated to weaving multiple perspectives, voices and experiences throughout their curriculum, allowing our young students intentional time to think about complex and important issues in their world and their role in addressing them. Please take some time next week to follow up with your McClure student about his/her/their learning about racism, equity and tolerance.   

Valentine’s Dance and Activity Day!  

Our wonderful ASB will be hosting our second Activity Day on Friday, February 17th – the day before Mid-Winter Break!! We would LOVE to have you help to supervise the dance – it’s FUN and it’s only an hour and ten minutes!  Contact Molly Goodell to sign up!  We’d love to have you!!!  

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Shannon Conner 

Principal, McClure Middle School 

National Black History Month February 1-28