McClure Middle School

Middle School

Directions and Map

McClure Middle School Address

McClure Middle School
1915 1st Ave. W
Seattle, WA 98119

Rules for School Pickup/Drop-Off

McClure is nestled in a residential neighborhood. Pickup and drop off of students can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines to help.

School bus zones are located on 1st Avenue W. (East side of McClure); the Special Education buses and taxicabs are located on 2nd Avenue W. (West side of McClure). Please be cognizant of the signage that stipulates when NOT to park here.

We ask parents/guardians to either drop off students a block away from school (preferable) or to drop off in our school parking lot; we have very narrow streets next to McClure which allow for ONE car to traverse the street. We are trying to avoid traffic gridlock and unsafe conditions for our students and neighbors.

If you are dropping off in our school parking lot, please proceed to slowing in a counterclockwise direction to also avoid gridlock.

graphic map of McClure and how to safely drop off and pick up students. It is preferred that students are dropped off a block or more away from school to avoid gridlock.

Students who walk and ride bikes: Please remember to look both ways and be cautious when crossing streets and crossing the two driveways on 1st and 2nd Avenues. These are busy streets with heavy traffic. Please use the crosswalks. McClure provides bike racks for our bicyclists.

Students who ride a bus: Transportation assignments will be mailed to you mid-to-late-August. If you have not received notification or information by then, please contact Transportation at 206-252-0900. You can also visit the Transportation website for more information.

Students who use skateboards or two-wheeled scooters: Follow storage requirements (locker) and do not ride them within the building. If these guidelines cannot be followed, refrain from bringing these items to school.

Note: Students may not store these items in the office or classrooms; store them in lockers or leave them at home.