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A courtyard at McClure Middle School.

McClure Middle School is a community that champions racial equity. We are committed to eliminating the education debt and providing all of our students with a culturally responsive and inclusive academic experience. We enrich the lives of students by offering an array classes and activities that stimulate students’ intellectual capacity and open up our their worlds to a broad spectrum of experiences, perspectives and voices. We differentiate instruction and work closely with students and families to build relationships and tailor teaching and learning to support every student. We also take pride in working collaboratively and effectively together to increase student achievement.

Our school staff understands that inclusion and giving all students access to advanced learning opportunities and high levels of outstanding instruction is an approach that benefits all students.  Therefore, all of our classrooms are fully blended with students identified as General Education, Special Education, and Advanced Learning students.

We fundamentally believe that the quality of instruction in the classroom defines the rate and quality of student achievement. McClure teachers continuously hone our guaranteed, viable, aligned curriculum; through departmental and PLC work, we use research-based, vetted best practices to refine our aligned curriculum at every grade level and to progress-monitor its effectiveness. 

We use data to inform our practice and to inform opportunities to teach/reteach skills to our students.

Every McClure staff member strives to make a difference in the education of our students and we unequivocally believe that every child can and will learn and grow.

Our Vision and Mission

  • Vision: To advance equity and develop compassionate, productive citizens of the world.
  • Mission: McClure Mavericks commit daily to being inclusive, creative, tenacious and engaged scholars.
  • Our 2021-22 motto this year is Rising Together!


P roductive • R esponsible  • I ntegrity • D ependable  • E xcellence

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Contact Us

1915 1st Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98119

Main Office: 206-252-1900
Attendance: 206-252-1904 (all absences, late arrivals, or early dismissals)
Fax: 206-252-1901

Principal Shannon Conner
Principal Conner

Frequently Contacted Staff

Principal & Assistant Principal

Shannon Conner

Assistant Principal
Ann Jennings

Julie Dolan

For Counselor contact information, please see the Counseling page.

Administrative Secretary
Amie Schumer 

Lisa Blau

Kyla McClure
Nurse Fax: 206-743-3145

Phone App

McClure has a phone app! It’s the easiest way to keep track of what is happening, with notifications (but not very many of them!) telling you about events as well as the calendar and news easily available. Search for “Seattle Public Schools” once you are in the app store and then chose “McClure Middle School” once you are in the app.

Find it for  Android and in the Apple App Store.