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An Introduction! 

The Athletic Coordinator: 

My name is Breianna Tocci, and I am the proud P.E. teacher of 400+ students at McClure Middle School! I I have a degree in Kinesiology & Physical Education from the University of Maine & am certificated in grades K-12. I have 10+ years’ experience in coaching and love working with students of all ages.  

I always tell people my first responsibility at McClure is being an educator and my second is being the athletic coordinator. As the only P.E. teacher here, it is a lot of responsibility! This means I will not be able to respond to your email as quickly as I do for academic purposes. Hopefully, this webpage will provide you with the many general Q&A I get throughout the year. 

Why Middle School Sports? 

Through teamwork, adolescents learn valuable lessons in communication, cooperation, and problem-solving, skills that are essential for navigating the complexities of relationships and collaborations in later life. Moreover, the shared experiences of triumphs and challenges on the field or court create a supportive community where individuals feel understood, valued, and accepted.  

This sense of community promotes positive mental health, resilience, and a sense of identity, nurturing adolescents’ emotional well-being as they navigate the ups and downs of their middle school years.  

Our School’s Athletic Policies and Expectations: 

Our goal is to create a healthy, positive environment by promoting and developing good sportsmanship and encouraging our team members to be hardworking, kind, academically and athletically successful, disciplined, and well-respected McClure scholars.  

All athletes are expected to represent themselves, their families, their team, and McClure Middle school with honesty, integrity, and character, whether it be academically, athletically, or socially.  

Failure to meet the following expectations could result in removal from practice, loss of game time, or removal from the team: 

  • Maintain 90% or above attendance. 
  • Maximum of one or fewer tardies in any given week. 
  • One or fewer Office Referrals during any given week. 
  • A conduct violation will result in removal from game and possibly from practice. 
  • Show good sportsmanship at all practices and games. 
  • Stay on campus between the end of school day and beginning of practice. 
  • Completion of grade checks bi-weekly – including citizenship. 
  • Maintain C’s or above; only allowing for one C in any core class 
  • If any weekly grades are below a D or are “incomplete,” the athlete will not participate in sports practices for the following week. 

Example Grade Sheet: 

What sports are offered & when? 

  • Fall Season: Early September through Mid-November 
  • Girls Soccer – 2 teams 
  • Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee – 2 teams 
  • Winter Season: End of November through Mid-March 
  • Girls Basketball – 2 teams 
  • Boys Basketball – 2 teams 
  • Spring Season: End of March through May 
  • Girls Volleyball – 2 teams 
  • Boys Soccer – 2 teams 
  • Co-Ed Track – 1 team 

Are there cuts? 

With the current budget deficit, the short answer to this question is yes. There has been a change at the district level in the number of teams permitted per athletics program (there are 2 teams per sport allowed this year). In the past, we hosted a third team for many of our afterschool sports when our ratio of students exceeded 25:1.  

To try and create an equitable solution to this district-wide problem, our school has created “practice squads.” Practice squads take place in relation to their sport, but often on a separate day than teams who play in district provided games. 

How do we register? 

All registration and paperwork can be found on our FinalForms platform! Your student athlete needs an up-to-date physical to be able to try-out! A physical is good for two years from the date it was signed by a physician. If you upload your physical to this platform, you will not need to worry about re-uploading it the following year (unless it is expired!). 

Here is a link to the Required Physical from Seattle Public Schools. 

Need Help Getting a Physician Signed Physical?  

All SPS (Seattle Public Schools) students are eligible to go to ANY School Based Health Center to get a FREE sport physical.  

Locate a School Based Health Center near you using this link  

Convenient locations for McClure students include the Teen Health Centers at:   

  • Ballard High School — Appointments should be made by emailing or calling/texting Say at (206-390-3355)   
  • Lincoln High School — Appointments should be made by emailing or calling Kayla O’Bryan at (206-548-5760) 

What if we need help with transportation? 

Please send an email to your student’s grade level counselor at McClure to see if you qualify for services. Please include me in the email! ( 

List of Current Coaches: 

  • Fall: 
  • Winter: 
  • Spring: