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Grades and Homework

Homework Expectations, Grade Scale, and Assessment

SPS information about The Source

The Source is a resource that displays student assessment scores (grades), attendance, library info and current school year grades for secondary students. Elementary student grades are not displayed on the Source at this time.

SPS information on Schoology

Schoology offers powerful new technology at all grade levels to organize content (homework and assignments), engage students, and connect to families. See the Schoology Family Flyer for more information.

Homework expectations at McClure Students at McClure are not typically assigned homework in their classes, with the exception of language arts and math. Time is provided in their classes to complete work. Periodically, a student may need to do additional work at home if there is a project due or if they are not using class time effectively.

Language Arts Homework: Students are expected to read a book of their choice for 30 minutes every day. This has shown to improve skill standards in literacy, text comprehension, and writing fluency. Students use class-provided reading logs to keep track of their reading. Reading is expected to take place primarily outside of class, though silent reading and teacher-directed reading take place in class regularly.
Math Homework: Homework is an opportunity to practice and recall daily content to improve understanding and develop fluency with skills and concepts. Students are generally assigned one to two homework assignments per week in their online Savvas accounts. Each homework assignment should take approximately 20 minutes and students can access built-in tools and resources within the assignments to assist with successful completion. Savvas Realize

Grade Scale

Students will be given whole-letter grades on assessments following the scale below. Only summative assessments will impact student grades. Formative assessments will also be included in the Source but will be marked as ‘no count’ and will not impact the overall grade. They are to be considered informative practice work. The Source will average grades in the online system and final report cards will follow the district standard 11-point grading system: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-.  
Summative assessments: end of unit tests and projects
Formative assessments: daily assignments and practice work done in class

Exceeding Standard   
A= 100%
Student has an in-depth understanding of all content and can always apply this knowledge.  They also have no major errors and are not missing any key pieces of information even with the more complex standards and skills.  

Meeting Standard  
B = 84.5%
Student knows and understands the content and can usually apply this knowledge. They have no major errors and are not missing any key pieces of information even with the more complex standards and skills. 

Approaching Standard  
C = 73% 
Student knows the more basic parts of what was taught in class has some mistakes when applying them and/or is missing some of the more complex standards or skills. 

Below standard 
C- = 71% 
Student does not demonstrate understanding of the basic standards or skills.

IE = 50% (Insufficient evidence)
Student chose not to complete the assessment. Missing work falls in this category.  Missing work will be given an “M” in the gradebook for the first week, which does not impact the grade. After a week, it will become an IE=50%

Assessments and Testing

Assessments are used in Seattle Public Schools to help educators and families measure how students are meeting our academic goals. Visit the Seattle Public Schools Assessment page for more information.