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Family Newsletter 12/2/22

McClure Family Newsletter 12/2/22 

Snow – Now we are ready…

So sorry for the confusing communication this last week.  Seems the whole system wasn’t quite ready to roll on virtual snow day school!  We are now, though!!   So, again, should schools be shut down due to snow, we will continue to have school virtually.   

Teachers will provide instructions and links to their TEAMS, virtual class meetings.  All schools will keep to their regular schedules.  See attached daily schedule to guide you. Schools are required to provide “synchronous” learning (whole class attending on line with teacher) for 70% of their school day and “asynchronous” (independent learning) for the other 30% of their day.   

Next week teachers will set up and share TEAMS links with their students. They will also practice with kids how to access the TEAMS meetings and review on-line expectations. Role will be taken.  If you don’t have access to wi-fi at home, here is a repeat of a message I sent out this week: Seattle Public Schools is highly recommending that families and students seeking assistance in obtaining Internet access apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond. Hotspots will be made available, in very limited capacity. Please apply first for ACP internet to determine eligibility.

If you need support accessing information about internet resources, please contact McClure’s social worker, Nora Jungbluth, or your child’s school counselor:

  • Leslie Collings: 6th grade (A-N), 7th All
  • Katie Pillers: 6th grade (N-Z), 8th All

If we do have snow at some point and you have specific questions about virtual learning, feel free to reach out to your students teachers, Advisory teacher, or counselor.

Winter Break Support

Is your family in need of financial assistance over the winter break?

Please fill out the winter break assistance form by December 9 or contact McClure social worker Nora Jungbluth at 206-252-1826 or

Contribute to families in need over winter break

If you would like to contribute to families in need over the winter break, we will accept gift cards by December 9 ($25 increment cards for Target, Kroger, & Safeway are appreciated) via student delivery to the main office or call 206-252-1906 or 206-252-1911; and someone from the main office will meet you at the front door.

SPS Spotlight!

If the spirit should take you, please feel free to submit a We Are SPS Spotlight form to highlight someone in our school’s community!  Let’s show the District and City some amazing McClure shout outs!!  

Go Mavs!