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Principal Newsletter 10/7/2022

Family Newsletter 10/7/22  Last Night  Thank you so much for those of you who were able to attend last evening.  As I said, I was so elated to see the number of families who came and watching students lead their parents through their McClure experience.  There was so much connection…

Principal Newsletter 10/3/2022

Reminder: This Thursday is McClure’s Curriculum Night! (6:30-8:00)  See below for the overview I sent last week!   Bring your McClure Student!!   Student Meals – Please add $ to account if able:  If your student gets school lunch please be aware of the following to options for payment:  Add to your…

Curriculum Night 10/6/2022

McClure’s In-Person Curriculum Night will be this Thursday, October 6th – 6:30-8:00 pm. We cannot wait to have our families back in our school for Curriculum Night this year.  Our format will look a little different from elementary or previous years’ experiences.  Our goals for Curriculum Night are to: …

School Photos 10/6/2022

McClure Middle School Picture Day is scheduled for Thursday, October 6 Yuen Lui Studio will photograph individual portraits of students and staff ​Families can save on shipping and preorder photos  2022-23 McClure Middle School Picture Day 10/6 Print preorders will be shipped to the school and distributed…

Principal Newsletter 09/16/2022

Family Newsletter 9/16 /22  Hello Maverick Families:  We did it! Things are hummin’ at McClure Middle School. What a great opening to our school year!! I am so impressed with our student body. They have already proven to be a kind, joyful and inclusive group of kids.  I am confident…