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Donate to Families in Need

Contribute to families in need over winter break: If you would like to contribute to families in need over the winter break, we will accept gift cards by Dec. 9th ($25 increment cards for Target, Kroger, & Safeway are appreciated) via student delivery to the main office or call 206-252-1906…
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Financial Assistance

Winter Break Support: Is your family in need of financial assistance over the winter break? If you need assistance, please fill out this form by Dec 9th. or contact McClure social worker Nora Jungbluth at: 206-252-1826 or…

McClure’s Fall Direct Drive

Fall Direct Drive We STILL need your help!! The Fall Direct Drive is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year. Thank you to all who have already given!  100% of our donations will support the PTSA budget for the school year. This includes funding for materials, curriculum, technology, extra support, enrichment…
Carved pumpkin for halloween. Fall Dance information

Fall Dance 10/28/2022 (during school)

Principal Newsletter 09/25/2022

Family Newsletter 10/24/22  Hello Maverick families!    Thought this graphic might be helpful in understanding this age range!! 😊  Student-Family Conferences:  As mentioned during Curriculum Night, McClure will be hosting student-family conferences on Monday, November 18th from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  We have shifted our working hours to do our…