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PTSA Survey - closes on Friday April 11th


The McClure PTSA board represents our membership. That's YOU !!


Your feedback is important to us. Your responses will help the board direct our priorities, assist the board in the creation of our budget and guide us in our advocacy for our students and families. Thank you for completing this survey. 

Questions will be in the following categories: Membership, Fundraising, Budget Priorities, Communications, Community Events and General Feedback.

The survey closes on Friday, April 11th, so please take a moment to complete it.

Thank you,
your McClure PTSA Board



Click below to take the survey

Dr. Laura Kastner to speak at McClure PTSA General Meeting
Please save the date for the next PTSA General Meeting on 
Tuesday April 22nd at 6:30 in the McClure Cafeteria.  
The McClure PTSA is pleased to host Dr. Laura Kastner and hear her presentation HARD WORK: Building Success with Good Habits, Wisdom and Grit. 

The first 62 meeting attendees will receive Dr. Kastner's most recent book (Wise-Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for Raising Successful tweens and teensfor FREE. Everyone is invited and welcome. 
6:00-6:30 Social time and PTSA business (budget, board elections)
6:30-8:30 Dr. Kastner presentation 
HARD WORK: Building Success with Good Habits, Wisdom and Grit
Laura Kastner, Ph.D
When we envision our parenting experience after infancy, we think of cuddling with our children, enjoying books and puzzles and teaching them life skills. And then reality ensues, and we also experience rudeness, non-compliance, and down-right defiance of your reasonable rules. Yes, that is normal child development. How much should you prioritize respect, manners and chores? And how do you improve their homework and achievement habits? You know you're supposed to give them wiggle-room for mistakes and moodiness, but still-how do you implement strategies that truly engender cooperation? 
In this presentation, Dr. Kastner will review some of the "best practices" in parenting that have emerged over the last fifty years of research and highlight recent research in the field which are game changers. For instance, did you know that compared to IQ scores, self-control is twice as predictive of success in adulthood? And that trying to discipline a child in the midst of an extreme outburst will backfire, worsen your relationship and lead to poorer outcomes in their development? And if you don't know a whole lot about the science of emotions, you're really missing the boat!

Come join us for a stimulating discussion about wise-minded parenting strategies and the predictors of success in adolescence. Dr. Kastner will present highlights from her new book, Wise-minded Parenting, and answer your questions about any aspect of parenting adolescents.


For more information, refer to and



DR. LAURA KASTNER is a clinical psychologist who has conducted research, maintained a clinical practice and presented numerous workshops for parents. She is a clinical professor in both the psychology department and the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington. In addition to her academic articles in the fields of child, adolescent and pediatric psychology, Dr. Kastner has co-authored four books:  The Seven Year Stretch:  How Families Work Together To Grow Through Adolescence, Houghton-Mifflin, 1997; The Launching Years:  Strategies for Parents from Senior Year to College Life, Three Rivers Press, 2003; Getting to Calm:  Cool-headed strategies for parenting tweens and teens, ParentMap, 2009; and
Wise-Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for Raising Successful tweens and teens, ParentMap, 2013.


Dr. Kastner is frequently interviewed in the media and presents lectures to the public on a wide-range of family and child development topics in settings across the United States. She and her husband of 28 years have two grown children.

Spring Break 2015 Washington, D.C. Trip Planning Meeting

Spring Break 2015 Washington, D.C. Trip


2015 Washington DC Trip
Sunday, April 12, 2015 to Thursday, April 16, 2015 (spring break)
Trip ID#104017

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - Registration Deadline for $125 discount

Feel free to contact Stephanie Miller at 1-866-664-0031 or email at if you have any questions.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Mr. Parker is excited to announce that he will be leading a group of McClure Middle School students on a WorldStrides DiscoverNow program to Washington D.C., where students will learn about history and government firsthand. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will inspire your student to think about the future, pursue goals, and create lifelong memories.

This is a trip your child will be talking about for years to come!

On this educational adventure, students will explore our nation's most important historical sites and experience incomparable learning moments like:

·         Standing where Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his "I have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial

·         Understanding the true meaning of sacrifice at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

·         Seeing the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence at the National Archives

I have chosen to travel with WorldStrides because of their exceptional service, their nearly 50 years of experience, their safety record, and their preventive measures that ensure learning in a safe and fun environment. I will chaperone the program with other teachers as needed, and throughout the program our group will be guided by a WorldStrides-certified Course Leader.

Since this is not a school sponsored trip, we will not be attending as representatives or employees of the school.

Please read through all attachments to this email and visit where you can sign up for our trip using ID #104017 and our group's trip.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at (206)-252-1900 (school), or via email at

There will be a trip information meeting to discuss this wonderful opportunity on March 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM in Mr. Parker's Classroom #226.

I would love your student to join us on this unforgettable trip! Register by April 10, 201

Julian Parker

Program Leader

Click here for Parent Letter

Click Here for Registration and Trip Details

Click Here for Trip Funding

Click Here for Full Refund Program

Click Here for Early Registration 

Click Here for Earn School Credit

McClure Science Fair
McClure Science Fair

 99% of past science fair participants say, “I wish I had started my project earlier!”

The number one problem students have with their science fair project is organizing their time.
  It will be very important that you get started early and work on your project throughout the time period so that you are not trying to get it done at the last minute.

Below is a checklist to use to keep organized over the many weeks necessary to complete a quality project.
Good luck and have fun!
Choose a topic and turn in your topic question sheet filled out by you and signed by a home adult.
You are expected to keep a log of all science fair related work or thinking you do on your project, nothing fancy, could be pages stapled together.
Due:  Monday,
March 17, 2014
Continue gathering research and sources on your topic.
Write down the scientific sources you found each piece of information on.
March 14-20
Your question and hypothesis are due, and begin writing your materials list, procedure list, and document steps necessary for completion.
Due:  Friday
March 21, 2014
Question & Hypothesis
Gather materials, set up and begin your experiment and recording data as you run each trial.
Make sure you follow your procedure, change any steps you do differently as you work through your project.
Due:  Friday,
March 28, 2014
Experiment Design, Written Procedures, & Data Table
Continue recording data as necessary.
Depending upon your experiment, it may take a couple of hours, or weeks.
Friday, April 4, 2014
Begin designing display board and continue recording data.
Friday, April 11, 2014
Begin assembling display, analyzing and using your data, to make and write conclusions.
Friday, April 25, 2014
(After Spring Break)
Design charts, graphs, and finalize writing for display.
All work should be final display quality.
Due: Week of
April 28, 2014
Finalize display.
You may bring in your project materials for assemble only-materials must be ready to attach.
Friday, May 2, 2014
Project Due
Science Fair Night and Pizza Dinner @ McClure Gym
Please join us in the McClure Gym to see all the awesome science projects
Thursday, May 15, 2014
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Science Fair Night
and Pizza Dinner
Science Fair Finalists @ Museum of Flight
Please join us at the Museum of Flight to see all the awesome school science projects
Thursday, June 5, 2014
10:00am - 5:00pm
Science Fair Finalists
at Museum of Flight

Friday, March 14th IS a school day

Hi Mavericks
There has been a bit of confusion over whether we will be in school on Friday, March 14th.  To clarify, the office has confirmed that is a school day!


High School and Beyond
McClure Mixer Volunteer Opportunities
Upcoming Community Events and Parent Education Opportunities

Wednedsay, 2/26/14 at 7:15 pm - Roosevelt PTSA Promoting Healthy Internet Use. 
Sex, Drugs ‘n Facebook: A Parent’s Toolkit for Promoting Healthy Internet Use
Roosevelt High School Library
Guest Speaker:

Megan Moreno, MD, MPH

Dr. Moreno is an adolescent medicine physician, researcher, and educator at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington. Come learn about strategies aimed at helping parents keep their teens and ‘tweens safe in the digital era.

For more information contact: Saroja Reddy 


ParentMap is hosting a Youth Drug Forum on Wednesday, February 26, 7:30-9 p.m.
(doors open at 6:30 p.m.) at Great Hall at Town Hall, Seattle (Not City Hall!)

The legalization of marijuana in Washington State has real implications for parents and kids. What are current teen attitudes about drug use and accessibility? How will things change when legal marijuana shops are open for business and marijuana is increasingly available in homes? What about the growing prevalence of heroin and toxic mixtures, such as “molly?”

During this panel discussion featuring experts on adolescent psychology, drug addiction and law enforcement, parents will be armed with the knowledge and tools they need to help kids navigate the risks and dangers in this changing environment.

Presented by: Town Hall in partnership with ParentMap, as part of the Civics series.

Tickets: $5.
Doors open: 6:30 p.m. 

Moderator: Leslie R. Walker, MD, chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children's Hospital and professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine

Panel lineup:
Laura S. Kastner Ph.D, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington
Paul Weatherly, head of drug/alcohol studies at Bellevue College
Frank Couch, director of SAMA (Science and Management of Addictions)
Dan Satterberg, King County prosecutor
JB, recovering teen addict



MONDAY, MARCH 3, 2014, 7:30 – 9:00PM 
Technological Teens - The Ins and Outs of Social Networking by Danah Boyd

Downstairs at Town Hall; Enter on Seneca Street. $5

From relationship troubles to new after school jobs, the personal lives of today’s teens are displayed in real time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Despite controversial sites such as which can lead to incidents of bullying, the majority of teens are happy with their online lives. InIt’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, technology expert danah boyd explores the ups, downs and overall effects of online connectivity on teens. A Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, boyd says online use shapes identity, creativity and political engagement — even as it creates a “complicated” path for teens to navigate.

Tickets: $5.
Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Town Hall member benefits: Priority seating, discounted onsite book sales.
Learn more: danah’s blog.

Parent Education Night - Mindfulness Education in K-12 Schools: A Panel Discussion
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Location: Frantz Coe Elementary Auditorium (2424 7th Ave W, Seattle, WA  98119)

Mindfulness is “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment” (Kabat-Zinn, 2003, p. 145). Mindfulness-based interventions have demonstrated benefits in clinical settings and in neurological studies. Given these demonstrated benefits, mindfulness-based education has been introduced in K-12 public and private schools. Come see how this is being done in and around Seattle!

Facilitator: Brody LaRock, Assistant Principal, John Hay ElementaryPanel Members: Renee Metty, Stacy Lawson, Ann Hollar, Lynne Brazg, Janine Bloomfield, Richard Berger

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What Mindfulness is not
  • Current Research in:  Neuroscience, Clinical Interventions, K-12 Education
  • What Mindfulness looks like in the classroom: Select documentary clips
  • Experiences of select Seattle pioneers integrating Mindfulness in local schools

Donations made at the door will be divided equally between Food for Kids and Operation School Bell Programs. These programs provide food and new clothing to our students currently in need.

Please RSVP before Friday, March 14, 2014 by phone or by e-mail
Main office: 206-252-2100 or to

Childcare will be provided at Coe Elementary (ages 4+), but space is limited!  Call now to reserve a space for your child – 206.252.2100

Click here for Full Flyer.

McClure Mixer and 50th Anniversary
Buy your tickets now for McClure's Mixer and 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Saturday, April 5th 6-10 PM

Click here to buy tickets.
 Buy tickets before March 15th to be entered in a drawing for a fabulous prize!

Have something to donate to our silent auction? Download the Procurement form here.

High School and Beyond - 3/18 7pm
For students headed to high school next year, don't miss the NW regional K-8 and Middle Schools’ (Broadview Thompson, Salmon Bay, McClure & Whitman) first annual, High School and Beyond Night. Gain tips and insights into making high school an easy transition.
Download full flyer here.
It's not MY kid!

McClure PTSA is proud to present, "It's not MY kid!"


The McClure PTSA invites students and parents to join us for this informative session on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the McClure Middle School Commons.


Every two years, the state conducts a survey among 8th, 10th and 12th grade students that assesses health and risk behaviors.


Lisa Sharp, Prevention Program Coordinator from the Seattle School district will present an analysis of the Seattle School's newest data, including interesting information on kids' attitudes towards marijuana and alcohol use.


Frank Couch, MA, LMFT, CDP, NCACI Executive Director will speak to us about how to coach your kids through this landscape and how to clarify family rules and expectations. Frank manages SAMA's clinical programs and Family Navigator support line.


Questions and open discussion immediately following the presentation.


Presented by:

McClure Middle School PTSA


Questions and suggestions are welcome via email at:

Camp Seymour - Packing List

Hey 6th grade families - are you getting ready for Camp Seymour?
Be sure to check the packing list to know what TO and what NOT TO bring to camp.

Packing List 

Principal Conner's January newsletter

January 6, 2014


Happy New Year to our McClure Community! 


It was so refreshing...and necessary for our staff (and myself!) to take some time to reconnect with friends and family over this last Winter Break.  (Now for the challenge of remembering to write "2014" on all of the pertinent documents and communications from here on out.) 


Over the break I had a chance to reflect on the first four months of the school year and the remarkable attributes of our school and community.  Thank you to our staff and students for persevering through the first quarter of this year and for the transition at second quarter; we have a truly "gritty" community and the learning and relationship-building persisted through all of these changes and challenges. 


New Staff: On the note of changes, since November, we have hired some exceptional staff members to our teaching corps and I would like to introduce them to you.

  • Ms. Anne Jennings joins us the Science/Math Departments.  She is teaching 6th grade science and 7th grade Math Honors. 
  • Mr. John Rutledge is our Special Education teacher in our second SM2 classroom.
  • Ms. Natasha Boswell joins us as our 7th grade Language Arts teacher.
  • Mr. Josh Colwell is our newest staff hire as our full-time second PE teacher (finally!) J 

Instructional Assistants

  • Stephen Dziadosz - works with our students receiving SM2 level Special Education services in Mari Ingram's classroom
  • Beth Williams - also works with our students receiving SM2 level Special Education services in Mari Ingram's classroom
  • Cesar Jimenez - English Language Learner Instructional Assistant
  • George Foster - works with our students receiving SM2 level Special Education services in Mr. Rutledge's classroom


We are lucky to have garnered such an impressive group of educators at such a late date in the school year.  If you have a chance, say "hello" and welcome them to our community, please do!


McClure Families Rock!!: I also wanted to thank Doug Berndt, our Parks and Recreation Community Learning Center coordinator, our counselors and, particularly our amazing parent community for coordinating and contributing to the Families in Need drive. I was so moved to watch from my office window as family after family marched into the building with multiple packages of wrapped (beautifully, I might add) presents for our McClure families.  I am continuously so impressed with the care and generosity of this community! (Please see Mr. Berndt's communication regarding this in the McClure news.)


Semester's Almost Over? A few things to be thinking about as we return to the work of school...First, we are nearing the end of the semester; judging from cadence of years' past, students will most likely be engaged in some rigorous projects, papers and other types of learning for the next few weeks and then comes some end-of-semester assessments and summative work.  January 31st will be our day between semesters and we will begin anew (new semester with balanced classes!) on Monday, February 3rd. A note about second semester:  students will maintain their same core classes/teachers but their Exploratory class will be changed unless they are full year exploratory classes (i.e. choir, band/orchestra, WEB, Spanish).  We will use the exploratory preference information from your registration forms as best as we can but we simply cannot guarantee your child's preference(s) request(s) will be met.


How will new families get to know the wonder that awaits them at McClure?: A quick note that we will be discontinuing school tours for prospective families this year.  In their place, we will be augmenting the Open House event which will occur on Thursday, February 27th and will include lots of information on academics, special programs, and opportunities for community involvement.  The reasoning behind this change is as follows: 1) School tours cause a major disruption to the learning environment; this will only be intensified by a projected increase in feeder school 5th grade families; 2) we are now and in the foreseeable future will be a "neighborhood school"; 3) there are considerable safety concerns with publically advertising for this event and opening the building up for potential security issues.  I have contacted the closest middle schools in our area (Hamilton and Whitman) and, for the same reasons, these schools are also ceasing the school tour events.  We promise that the Informational Open House event will fulfill the need for prospective families to key into the McClure experience! (More info to come...)


What to do at Lunch? I am happy to announce that our PTSA has graciously funded the supervision of our school gym during the lunch time hours.  In the next week, students will have the option of frequenting four different locations during their lunch period: the cafeteria, the library, the school gym and, on sunny days, the outside courtyard.  Thank you to Doug Berndt for coordinating and to PTSA for funding! From now on, though, students will not be allowed to be in the hallways during the lunch periods.  On another note, our Lunchtime Hall Parent program will be up and running this month; there are still a few slots open and the job just got a little easier since most students will be in (or traveling to) one of the designated lunchtime spaces.


Science Opps!: Finally, I am excited to kick off 2014 with a wonderful way to become involved at McClure in our science programs.  With McClure located at the very epicenter of global innovation in science education and business we would love to join with our parents and science community to bring knowledge and opportunity to our students.   Our plan is to develop a guest speaker program and other opportunities involving our local science community.  If you are interested in being a guest speaker, coordinating partnerships or arranging field trips with your place of business, supporting this program as a program lead or guest speaker coordinator, or have other ideas we would love to hear from you. Below is a brief outline of the sciences taught at each grade level at McClure.  We are especially interested in subject experts and opportunities in these and related areas.


6th grade - Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Human Body

7th grade - Chemistry, Physics, Catastrophic Events

8th grade  - Astronomy,  Physics, Catastrophic Events, Human body



McClure is an exciting place to be and we have an amazing group of dedicated teachers and parents in our growing community.  I welcome you to become involved in this and other volunteer opportunities at McClure.  If you are interested in this program, please reach out to myself, or our PTSA co-presidents Chris Karam and Kimball Mullins at



Shannon Conner

McClure PTSA General Meeting - It's Not My Kid !
"It's not MY kid!" - Presentation on Middle School and High School alcohol and substance abuse

Tuesday, January 28, 2014  6:30pm - 8:00pm

McClure Middle School Commons
1915 1st Ave W.
Seattle, WA  98119

We invite students and parents to join us for this informative session on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 from  6:30-8 at the McClure Middle School Commons. This presentation is open to all families.

Every two years, the state conducts a survey among 8th, 10th and 12th grade students that assesses health and risk behaviors.

Lisa Sharp, Prevention Program Coordinator from the Seattle School district will present an analysis of the Seattle School's newest data, including interesting information on kids' attitudes towards marijuana and alcohol use.

Frank Couch, MA, LMFT, CDP, NCACI Executive Director will speak to us about how to coach your kids through this landscape and how to clarify family rules and expectations. Frank manages SAMA’s clinical programs and Family Navigator support line.

Questions and open discussion immediately following the presentation.

Presented by:
McClure Middle School PTSA

Save the Date - McClure Mixer April 5th 2014

McClure Middle School Celebrating 50 Years!

Did you know McClure first opened our doors in the Fall of 1964?  Save the date for an extra special McClure Mixer 50 year anniversary celebration & spring fundraiser.

Saturday April 5, 2014, 6-10pm at the Queen Anne Community Center

Please plan to join us for great food, drinks, music, plus a silent and live auction!!

Get your 60’s groove on - Tickets will go on sale soon!


Mystery Theater, Winter Concert, Evening Book Fair - Tues 12/10

Join us Tuesday, December 10th 
at McClure for an evening of events.
  • Mystery Theater - Murder in the Knife Room
    Dinner starts at 5:30, tickets sold in advance only; Play starts at 6pm, suggested donation of $5
  • Winter Concert - starts at 7 pm 
  • Evening Book Fair - 4-9 pm in the Library

Book Fair Dec 9-13

McClure's Book Fair
starts Monday December 9th and runs through December 13th

The schedule is

12/9 7:20-2:30 pm
12/10 7:20-2:30 pm & 4-9 pm (FAMILY night - Play and Winter Concert too)
12/11 7:20-1 pm
12/12 7:20-2:30 pm
12/13 7:20-2:30 pm

You can visit the book fair in the library starting December 9th or you can buy online.

NEW !!!  the link to the online book store is here.

The books purchased online will be sent to the school and won't be available until after Christmas.  For people purchasing this way, you will have to wrap up an "IOU" if this is a Christmas or Hanukkah gift.

If you are able to work a shift at the book fair, click here for the sign up.

Parent-Teacher Conferences 2013

McClure empowers and educates all students with the skills to be compassionate, confident and creative life-long learners and contributing members of our global community.


November 11, 2013

Dear McClure Families,

Last year the McClure BLT (Building Leadership Team comprised of teachers, administration and PTSA/parent reps) and the staff voted to host parent-teacher conferences during the days preceding the Thanksgiving Break, November 25, 26, and 27.  The administration worked hard to put in place waivers so these days could be freed up for this purpose.  Feedback from parents and teachers indicated that the community wanted to continue with parent-teacher conferences but that the arena-style conferences caused some limitations in effectively conferencing with teachers about students’ progress and areas for growth.

This year, the McClure BLT began the process of crafting our new schedule and format for parent-teacher conferences.  We developed a mission statement: “The purpose of parent-teacher-student conferences at McClure Middle School is to enhance a positive, productive relationship between students, teachers and parents and to provide a better understanding of student progress and performance in individual classrooms.” We also began to craft the structure and format of the 3-day conferences.

Mid-planning, I received notice from the lead counsel for Seattle Public Schools that during the summer, the state had retracted the ability for middle schools to waive more than one instructional school day.  Since then I have worked with Ms. Pritchett (former McClure Principal and current Executive Director for the Central Region) and the Seattle Public Schools Legal and Transportation Departments to negotiate a compromise so we can at least get some additional time for our conferences while still being in compliance with District and State directives. The final outcome for parent-teacher conferences is as follows:

November 25 and 26 will be half days for our students.  They will leave campus at 11:20.  Lunch will still be included in the student day.  Parent-teacher conferences will begin at 12:00 and will run in 10 minute increments through 6:00 with a scheduled half-hour teacher break and two other planned 10-minute breaks in the schedule. There will be no school on Wednesday, November 27th.

We realize this not the originally proposed time allotment for conferences but we do believe that we can still meet our purpose statement goals in informing parents of their students’ progress and augment our communication and relationships with families. 

Here are some details to guide you:

How do I get a time slot?

There will be two ways to go about this:

1.     On Wednesday, November 13th, from 7:30-9:00 a.m., parents will be able to physically sign up for parent-teacher conferences in the hallway right outside the Attendance Office by the lunchroom.  Volunteers will help parents sign up for designated time slots with teachers (10-minute increments). 

2.     After 9:00 on the 13th and until Monday, November 18th, parents may call the Attendance Office (206-252-1904) to set up their parent-teacher appointments.  If you leave a message, just make sure you are clear about the teacher and time(s) for which you would like to sign up and please leave your name, your child’s name and a phone number so that our Attendance Secretary, Ms. Barnes, can call you back.  Ms. Barnes will call you back to confirm your appointment or to reschedule if a teacher(s) is not available during your requested time slot. 

Can I sign up for other parents when I come in or when I call?

We realize this would be a convenient way for parents to sign up, but in the interest of fairness and equity, please sign up with your own student’s teachers.

Can I have my son or daughter sign up for our family?

We know that we have responsible, thoughtful students here at McClure but to guarantee that parents sign up for the time slot(s) they desire and record these times in their calendars, we prefer that parents sign up for the conferences. 

How are conferences structured?

This year, conferences at McClure will be held in teachers’ classrooms. Because of limited conference time, teachers will prepare to give parents feedback on student growth, areas of concern, how they plan to communicate student progress, and strategies to help parents support students at home. Students may attend these conferences, if desired. All conferences will be 10 minutes in length.    Please be cognizant of time and that other parents/families are waiting for the next time slot.  Teachers will have breaks structured into their conference time…we want them to survive these two days and be able to give the same amount of energy to all families that visit them! 

What if this doesn’t seem like enough time? 

If you foresee needing more time to confer with a teacher or you have strong concerns about your son or daughter’s progress in a course, please consider connecting with the teacher to schedule a meeting at another time.

Will I be guaranteed to meet with all of my student’s teachers?

We recommend that you are strategic and sign up for a time slot with the teachers you especially want to see. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will have the opportunity to speak with all of your student’s teachers. Due to the large number of students (150+ in most cases) that a teacher has in his/her classes over the course of the day, it is difficult to speak with every family.  If you are unable to meet with a teacher, please contact the teacher or a school counselor with your questions.

What if I am unavailable to come to McClure during these designated days?

We understand that work, family and other commitments are inevitable and we will not be able to serve all of our families under this format. As at any other point in the school year, please feel free to call or email your teachers or one of our school counselors if you have questions or concerns about your student’s performance in a specific class.

 Thank you for your support of students at McClure.  We look forward to having you join us November 25-26.

Shannon Conner
Principal, McClure Middle School

Seattle Council PTSA Survey on Growth Boundary Planning
Dear Central Area PTA and Community Leaders,
As you hopefully know, Seattle Council PTSA is conducting a survey to measure awareness of the Seattle Public School (SPS) Growth Boundary Planning process.  We have had a tremendous response rate in the one day the survey has been available.  However, the Central and South regions have had a significantly lower response rate than other areas.  We are hoping that you can encourage families you represent to please complete the survey.  
We realize that a computer based survey may not be the best tool for some families.  If your school or community group is having an event or meeting in which we might able to attend and reach out to parents or if there are other ways in which we could help facilitate parent feedback,  we would welcome this information.  The SCPTSA would like every SPS family to have an opportunity to participate.


We are hoping to get as many responses as we can before the next Seattle School Board meeting on November 6, 2013, so we can present preliminary results.  Please encourage your membership and community to respond by this date.  We will continue to gather feedback after November 6th as well.

Complete results of the survey will be provided on our website by November 19, 2013 or sooner. If you have any questions or comments please contact me or the Council president at


Principal Conner's Newsletter - Nov 4th schedule adjustments

October 25, 2013

Principal Newsletter
   “Change, it is a-comin’”


We are nearing the end of our first quarter. This has certainly been a fast and eventful beginning of the school year!   

As I explained in my last principal newsletter, McClure has been allotted another 1.5 FTE (in layman’s terms, this means we can now spread what amounts to “1.5 teacher(s)” into our master schedule to reduce class sizes.)  We are fortunate to have this new allocation. The benefits of lower teacher-to-student ratios are obvious; teachers can know their students better, provide more immediate and consistent feedback and have more opportunities to differentiate based on students’ skills and interests.   

The challenge is that this FTE came well after the school year began.  These teacher/class changes are coming at the quarter (November 4th) for many McClure students.  The overriding “driver” of these class changes was students’ core classes – ensuring lower class sizes in these classes and making sure students were appropriately placed.

We waited for the quarter break for these changes to occur because we needed some time to 1) thoughtfully create a master schedule that would intentionally address class overages 2) do our very best to mitigate as many class schedule and teacher changes as possible 3) post job openings, screen and hire new teachers, and 4) help staff move classrooms, transfer grades, and thoughtfully guide students toward the change.  We have followed through on the above criteria and we are ready for next quarter.

I am not making light of the fact that about a third of our school will have at least one change in their class schedules. Change is hard.  I get it.  Some students won’t have any changes, some will have some, some will have more.  Some students will be moving on to a new exploratory class; some won’t.  Some students will have a new core class teacher; some won’t.  The teachers here at McClure are working hard to gently and thoughtfully guide students toward and through the changes.  I can say, with full confidence, that students will be better served because of these changes.  We have awesome, resilient kids here at McClure and they will get through this just fine.

On your end, I am requesting that you also help students persevere through any changes they might face in their new class schedules.  These changes will be permanent; they were made in the interest of not only individual students, but the school as a whole.  These are the talking points I gave to staff that might be helpful to you when explaining these changes:

o    Explain the reason behind the schedule changes; that McClure is growing and that is a good thing!  The school did not know our final student count until virtually the day before school started.  The District did not provide the new FTE allocation until mid-October. We didn’t want to make changes in schedules until we had hired new teachers and had crafted a much better schedule. The quarter cut-off will be the best option so grades could be complete and transferred.

o    This is a text-book example of utilizing our grit and growth mind-set.  Change is hard but students will be in a setting where teachers can know them better and they can get the attention they need to be successful. It’s going to be OKAY!!

o    BE POSITIVE!  This is a complicated process. We understand that your child has made connections with their teachers; but please be positive and encouraging of students with these changes.  They are going to be successful with a new class schedule!

o    To be clear, changes will be irreversible; they have been made with great consideration for the benefit of all (trust me!)  Please make sure students understand this.

Finally, I would like to thank our staff members who will also be persevering through this change – from taking on new classes, to giving up courses and saying good-bye to students, to giving up classrooms…for the greater good.  (Please see below for details on this). When you have a chance, please feel free to thank these individuals and any member of the McClure staff for their flexibility and positive outlook.

Below* I have listed some more granular information if you would like to know some of the nitty-gritty pieces. 

Otherwise, thank you so much in advance for supporting our staff and students through the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to moving on to the rest of the school year with students placed in more personalized settings and enjoying stability from here on out!


Shannon Conner
Principal, McClure Middle School

*granular information attached for ease of electronic transmission

Ski Bus 2014
McClure Ski Bus News

It's Ski Bus time!


There is snow in the mountains, homework on the dining room table, and teenage kids wearing tall wool socks with shorts. This can only mean one thing . . . it is time to sign up for McClure Ski Bus! Yes, it is time to pull the skis and boards out from under the bed, dust them off, and wax them up to hit the slopes of Snoqualmie starting January 10th and running through the 14th of February. As in the past, the McClure Ski Bus program will operate on Friday evenings, departing and returning to McClure Middle School.


To sign up, follow these three easy steps:


1. Register for Ski Bus

a. Go to

b Click on the "Register Now" button.

c Select "McClure Middle School" from the menus on the left.

d All Ski Bus riders select "Bus." The button reads"$5," but ski bus is $170 for the six weeks, and that price will show up in your cart.


2. Register for Ski or Snowboard lessons from Ski Masters (optional)

a. On the same page where "Bus" was selected, select either "ski" or "snowboard" for lessons every Friday. Ski Masters teaches based upon skill level, so even intermediate/advanced skiers or boarders can improve their skills. Don't fret, the lessons leave enough time for both new and improved shredders to display their skills with their friends each night.


*At check-out, use discount code "MCCLUREMS-WINTER2014"


3. Purchase a Snoqualmie Ski Pass from the Ski Masters website.

If the young skier or boarder already has a Snoqualmie Season pass, or a premium pass from another resort that allows skiing at Snoqualmie (i.e. Crystal Mountain), then purchasing a pass from Ski Masters is not necessary.


This program fills up very quickly, and space is limited to 100 students. Secure you spot now!

(Logistical details will be sent out around the start of November.)


I look forward to another great Ski Bus season, and seeing YOU on the slopes.


Keith Rudie

Ski Bus Coordinator


P.S. If you would like to ski with us as a chaperone, please shoot me a note.

Source v. School Fusion -- Got Questions ??
From SPS -

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the Source and SchoolFusion for parents and guardians.  We hope the following information will provide clarification.


Is SchoolFusion part of the Source?

No.  The Source and SchoolFusion are two separate software applications.  After a parent or guardian creates a Source account there is code that exports the parent’s Source username (email address) from the Source to SchoolFusion overnight.  The day after a parent or guardian creates a Source account, they must set up their Source password in SchoolFusion in order to be able to log onto SchoolFusion.  (Instructions are below *) Because SchoolFusion and PowerSchool (which the Source is now a part of) are two different software applications, the password cannot be shared and must be manually entered in SchoolFusion by the parent or guardian.


Are there Source resources for parents and guardians online?
Yes!  Please share the, About the Source website with your families:


Are there SchoolFusion resources for parents and guardians online?

Yes!  Please share the, SchoolFusion School Website Help For Parents and Guardians website with your families:


* Are there steps for parents and guardians to help them setup their SchoolFusion password?
Yes!   The day after the parent or guardian setups up their Source account password, they may setup their SchoolFusion password:

1. Please log onto the Source.

2. Click School Information & Website from the left menu.

3. Click Enable or Change Your School Website Password.

4. Enter your Source account email address in the Email Address field.  Click Submit

5. Close the password window and please check your email in about 10 minutes.

6. You will receive an email from

7. Click the link within the email to reset your website password to match your Source password.

8.  Log onto your school website.


Other tips or issues to be aware of:
SchoolFusion is case sensitive, but the Source is not.  If a parent can get logged onto the Source, but not SchoolFusion, confirm they have setup their SchoolFusion password as described above, then ask if they have any capital letters in their username and/or password.  That could be the problem.  Also, please discourage the use of apostrophes ‘ in passwords.


Please have parents and guardians contact if they need help.


We hope this information clears things up. 

Special Education PTSA
A message from the Seattle Special Education PTSA

The Seattle Special Education PTSA advocates for all students (birth to 21) with disabilities in the Seattle School District. Our mission is to assist families of students with disabilities as they navigate the educational system, to partner with parents and educators as we advocate for improvements in special education service delivery, and to build bridges between the general and special education communities by bringing increased educational resources and opportunities for all students. The Seattle Special Education PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We strive to be a racially and socio-economically inclusive group that is representative of the students we serve.

We want to reach more of you – Seattle families and educators – to hear your voices and continue to improve our provision of education and advocacy on your behalf.

Below is a flyer with meeting schedule for interested families.

Annual Donation Campaign 2013-2014

  |   McClure Middle School, (206) 252-1900,

McClure Fundraiser Poster

To donate on-line, click here.
For the donation form, click here.

Thank you for supporting our McClure Middle School Students.

McClure Curriculum Night, Wed, 9/25/2013 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We hope you will join us for McClure's 2013 Curriculum Night, this Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 6:30-8:30.  The schedule can be found below.
Teachers have been working diligently to ensure you leave Curriculum Night with a good sense of the essential skills students will be mastering throughout the year, the curriculum scope and sequence, expectations for homework and behavior, and how teachers will be communicating with you.

Most importantly, we hope you leave with a keen sense that McClure is a place where students are well-known, well-liked, and well-supported in their academic journey.

We look forward to working together with you this year! 
Your student should be bringing home a schedule, but we will have schedules for those parents who don't have them on Wednesday night.*  You will follow your child's daily schedule, going from classroom to classroom.
Parent Check-in - Info tables/pick up schedules, if needed, MSP scores (6:15-6:35)
Principal Welcome & Orientation (6:40-6:50)
Period 1 (6:55-7:05)
Period 2 (7:10-7:20)
Period 3 (7:25-7:35)
Period 4 (7:40-7:50)
Period 5 (7:55-8:05)
Period 6 (8:10-8:20)
Go Mavs!!
Shannon Conner
Principal, McClure Middle School
* If you are able to volunteer to pass out schedules (6:15-6:35, please arrive at McClure by 6:05) please email We would like about 12 volunteers if possible. Thanks !!

Logging into The Source/Powerschool
 From the SPS Webmaster:

Some  parents have reported  trouble logging onto the school website.  Please follow these instructions:


1.          Please log onto the Source. (If you can’t log on to the Source, please visit the Source page for more information)

2.          Click School Information & Website from the left menu.

3.          Click Reset Your School Website Password.

4.          Enter your Source account email address in the Email Address field.

5.          Click Ok.

6.          You will receive an email from

7.          Click the link within the email to reset your website password.

8.          Click the back arrow of your browser to go back.

The Source Tour shows you the Source features.

The Source website also has helpful information. 

School FusionPage website help.

Questions? Email

Advanced Learning Application Information - forms due 10/3

You can now pick up Advanced Learning Nomination Packets in McClures main office. Completed forms must be returned to McClure by October 3th, 2013.   Parents can also send forms directly to the Advanced Learning Office.  The mailing address is on the information packet.  Faxed or email applications will not be accepted. Forms from the SPS website are here.


Current 6th and 7th grade students may request testing for placement in Spectrum next year.  The request is made by completing and turning in the Advanced Learning Nomination Packet by the October 3rd, 2013 deadline. Students who are already district qualified for Spectrum and who are in Spectrum Language Arts do not need to re-test.


Current 8th grade students can utilize the Advanced Learning Nomination Packet to request testing for placement in APP/IB program (IBX) at Ingraham.  Eligibility testing is not required for entry into the general International Baccalaureate program (offered at Ingraham, Sealth & Rainier Beach) or to access Advanced Placement courses offered at the other nine high schools.


Testing will be arranged by the Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning office and will be held at McClure.  Testing will occur late-October through mid-December.  The Advanced Learning office will notify parents of exact dates.


More information available at:

Math Information Night - to be RESCHEDULED

Due to a sudden family emergency for one of our math department staff members, this Thursday’s Math Night Event has been cancelled.  We want to make sure we are giving families the full vision and program information of our math department. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Math Night event will be rescheduled for early October. We look forward to seeing you at Curriculum Night.
updated 9/16/2013

Please join the McClure Math team and Administration for Math Night. 


Math Night - September 19th, 6:30-7:30

Location: McClure Middle School Cafeteria



  1. To provide information to families about our entire math program.
  2. To provide information to families about how we push students with rigor in every program/at all skill levels and provide support for students who are struggling with concepts/skills in math.
  3. To show parents the trajectory of our programs from 6th -8th grade and how they will be prepared to take on high school math and beyond.

Welcome Back Mavericks !!
Save the Date for our Welcome Back BBQ - Thursday, Sept. 12 from 5:30-8. In the McClure main courtyard. Dinner for $5, scavenger hunt, Q&A with Principal Conner and ice cream sundaes. We hope to see all our McClure families there !

2013-2014 School Calendar
Here is McClure's 2013-2014 school calendar, which is also coming home in the first day packets.
Events are also update through the year - click Calendar  on the left menu  bar and on the News and Annoucements page. 

SPS 2013-2014 calendar recently received in the mail.

At a glance calendar in review from SPS.

6th Grade FAQ's
2013-2014 Supply List

It's back !  The supply list has been updated and revised and is good to go. Thanks for your patience while we worked out the details.

Click here for the 2013-2014 School Supply List.

eNews sign up - The McNews
Extra, Extra - Read all about it !!!

What did you do in school today?
When is the yearbook form due?
Do they need volunteers for the BBQ?
When is the bookfair/concert/field trip?

Don't let this conversation happen to you !  Be informed. 

The McNews is the PTSA's weekly newsletter.  Stay in the know about happenings at school and with the PTSA and subscribe to the eNewsletter.  If you haven't been getting the McNews and email updates, click here for the subscription form.

6th Graders, Save the Date

Welcome to McClure 6th graders - Save the Date!  
6th Grade Orientation is on Thursday, August 29th from 9am-11am

Meet the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) leaders, see the school, find out about middle school, visit with old friends and meet new ones.

The 6th Grade Orientation is for students only and will be led by our awesome 8th Grade WEB Leaders.

Parents are encouraged to wait in the staff lounge where they can participate in the preparations for the first day of school.  This is a great way to meet other parents, and contribute to the 6th graders having a great first day experience.

Hope to see you there !

Go Mavericks!

Letter from Principal Shannon Conner

July 29, 2013

Dear McClure Community:

It is with great delight and gratitude that I am writing this letter introducing myself to you as the new principal of McClure Middle School.  I have spent the last couple of weeks in the beginning stages of meeting with staff, students, and community members and I could not be more thrilled about being in such a vibrant, positive place. I am eager to observe, listen and learn more from the McClure community; the many brief conversations I have had with staff and parents so far indicate that this is a school concerned with helping individual students achieve at their highest levels and that there are many adults in their lives who want to support their academic and social journeys through middle school.

I love school! I was a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher leader at Nathan Hale High School for eighteen years where I also taught leadership, ASB, and Government. For the past two years, I have been an assistant principal at Hamilton International Middle School where I learned, among many other things, that I really like middle schoolers! My experience has afforded me a keen understanding of what students need in their journey from middle to high school; I truly enjoy welcoming these students into sixth grade as just-promoted fifth graders and watching them leave as young men and women, ready to transition to high school.

Now at McClure, my goal for this school year is to become immersed in your school’s vision of meeting students’ individual learning needs.  I look forward to learning more about this community and can’t wait to meet our students at the front door on the first day of school, (my favorite day of the year).  

Thanks so much for being such an involved and positive community.

Go Mavericks!!!


Shannon M.  Conner
Principal, McClure Middle School

McClure Middle School: committed to providing opportunities for its students that meet their individual learning needs and to ensuring that all students have experiences that promote academic, social and emotional growth. 

McClure Middle School Welcomes Principal Shannon Conner

July 17, 2013

Dear McClure Middle School community,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Conner as your new principal, effective immediately.

Ms. Conner comes to McClure from Hamilton International Middle School where she has been assistant principal since 2011. She is passionate about McClure’s vision and we believe she will be a great fit for your school community.

Prior to Hamilton, Shannon Conner served as a teacher leader at Nathan Hale High for 18 years and held the role of Language Arts department chair. She earned a Master's in Education from the University of Washington focusing on educational leadership and school administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Editorial Journalism and Political Science. Ms. Conner holds Washington State Principal and Teaching Certificates.

Shannon Conner was selected after a hiring process that included input from staff and families. The selection team committee was particularly impressed with her commitment and focus on high quality instruction for all students. They said she brings the enthusiasm and skills necessary to continue to move McClure Middle School forward. 

Your former principal, Sarah Pritchett, was appointed executive director of schools for the central region in June, and we wish her the best in her new position.

Please join me in welcoming Shannon Conner to McClure Middle School!


José Banda
Seattle Public Schools

School Boundary Changes

Growth Boundaries Project:  Summer Meetings

Timeline for Community Engagement
- From SPS

The timeline for the Growth Boundaries project includes various opportunities for community engagement.

Meeting dates have been set as follows, and are posted on the Growth Boundaries website at:
Planning for the Future:  Growth Boundaries.


Let's Talk!

These are informal meetings where families and community members can come by to make suggestions, ask questions, discuss issues and concerns, etc.

There is no formal presentation, since the discussion is guided by the interests and concerns of participants.

This series of meetings will be held at:
John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence
2445 3rd Ave S.

Seattle, WA 98124

Thursday, June 27  10:00 am - 12:00 noon, Room 2700 

Thursday, July 25  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Room 2750

Saturday, August 17  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Room 2750


Technical Meeting

This informational meeting was requested by FACMAC (the Facilities and Capacity Management Advisory Committee) and is also open to any others interested in the more technical issues of boundary work.

Information will be provided about assumptions and methodology in developing the Growth Boundaries.

Tuesday, July 9  11:30 am - 1:00 pm  Room 2750

Letter from Jose Banda re: Supporting an inclusive environment at McClure Middle School
 June 14, 2013



Dear McClure Middle School community,



I know everyone is eager for the last day of school and to start summer vacation. I want to thank students, staff and Principal Sarah Pritchett for your work this year; and congratulations to the eighth graders moving on to high school in the fall.


Earlier this week I met with staff at McClure to talk about an incident that happened at your school on May 31. A white parent confronted several African-American administrators and repeatedly used racial slurs directed at these school leaders. I want to be absolutely clear that we at Seattle Public Schools do not and will not tolerate this type of behavior. The parent was removed from the school, and we are reviewing our security protocols to ensure we always act quickly in our response to such situations and in support of our schools and school community.


I want to extend my personal apology to the staff members who were the victims of such reprehensible behavior. Our schools should be inclusive, non-threatening and safe places for students, staff and families. I also want to say thanks for the outpouring of support from other staff members and families who heard about the incident. I appreciate the concern and care you have shown to your school community. As we teach our students, we as adults also cannot stand by and watch when we see an injustice occur. We are striving for educational excellence and equity for all of our students and we must practice what we preach. 


I want to thank Ms. Pritchett and her staff for handling the situation in such a professional manner and making sure that students were not in harm's way. As you all know, Ms. Pritchett is leaving McClure to serve as our Executive Director of Schools for the Central Region. I know she will continue to be a champion for McClure as well as our other schools.


I look forward to seeing our students and staff back at school on Sept. 4.



José Banda


Seattle Public Schools

Letter from Principal Pritchett re: leadership change at McClure Middle School

June 11, 2013


Dear McClure Middle School Families:


It is with a heavy heart, but an enduring excitement that I will be leaving our fabulous McClure Middle School community to lead the broader community of the central region.  I will continue on my leadership journey as the Executive Director for the Central Region.  I am truly going to miss the students, staff, families and community as I embark on this new pursuit towards excellence in education, social justice and racial equity for all students in Seattle Public Schools. 


I have always felt really blessed to wake up every morning and come to work with so many skilled instructors, supportive families and dedicated community members.  Coming to work each day finding new ways to provide leadership opportunities for our students, and seeing them developing their voice and passion for their education made every moment, every struggle and every long day all worthwhile.


I feel so honored and humbled to be supported by all of you throughout the years and especially in light of the events that have taken place these last few weeks, I have felt and continue to feel overwhelmed with your care and concern for my wellbeing; and it is that that strength that I draw from as I move into this new role to take on an even greater challenge.   However, I cannot move into this important role without acknowledging that the growth of this school, students, staff and community is the reason why I was chosen for this important role within our district. 


 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for challenging me, trusting me,  allowing me teach and care for your children, and being a community that supports creating a school where students can maximize their learning experiences.  This is not the last you will see or hear from me, and I will keep in touch.  I am not sure I have the proper words to express how much I will miss this school and the support that I have received for the last six year from this c



Thank you,


Sarah J. Pritchett


"I wanted a perfect ending.  Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, with  out knowing what's going to happen next."  ~Gilda Radner

Letter from Jose Banda re: leadership change at McClure

June 11, 2013


Dear McClure Middle School community,


Today I’m announcing a leadership change at McClure Middle School for the next school year. Your principal, Sarah Pritchett, has been appointed Executive Director of Schools for the Central Region.

She will continue at McClure until the end of the school year and begin her new position in July. In this new role, she will continue to support and advocate for McClure Middle School, and will also be able to support the other schools in the region.

Her responsibilities will include coaching and evaluating principals in the central region, strengthening community and family involvement, supporting the expansion of international education, and building on the regional partnership with the city through the Families and Education levy – all in service of ensuring a world-class, 21st century education for every child in every classroom in the region.

We will move quickly to meet with the McClure staff and community to select a new principal for McClure Middle School and will keep you informed of the process.

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Pritchett in her promotion to Executive Director of Schools for the Central Region!


Jose Banda




José Banda
Seattle Public Schools

Summer Reading Lists 2013



Happy Summer McClure Mavericks!  
Here is the Summer Reading List for all grades.


Students are not being asked to do any writing over the summer, except for the reading record, which is in the attached document.  6th and 7th grade students will get the summer reading handout tomorrow or Thursday to take home. The list will also be posted on the website.


To students: 

Directions: You must read at least 6 books at your level over the summer and enter them onto your reading record.  You will read one book that we selected for your entire grade, and pick at least 2 other books from the reading list for your grade level (see attachment).  More is better, and you can also pick any appropriate books from the other grade levels!  You should also write a mini-review for each book read. You will be handing your reading record in to your Language Arts teacher in the first week of school. 


If you know incoming 6th grade students coming to McClure, please forward this information to them as we work to get our email lists updated.  






Communications Information

Greetings McClure Families & Friends,


Communication with our families is a top priority and we are using a new collection tool in order to get contact information on all current and incoming families. We don't get information from Seattle Public Schools until all the FERPA and back to school forms are processed in the fall, and there is often important PTSA and school information we transmit to families via email before that time.


We are trying this as a way to collect family and student contact information in a format that will be easy to upload for PTSA use.


We will use the data you submit to contact you through the year via our weekly electronic newsletter and for any other PTSA communciations.  We will not share or distribute your contact information for any reason.


Please complete this brief survey (only 4 questions), even if you are an existing eNews subscriber, to make sure our records are complete and you can keep up to date on important PTSA and school happenings and news.


If you know an incoming 6th grade family, please forward this message and survey link to them.


Questions?  Contact Kimball Mullins at


if the link starts at page 2, please click previous to enter student name/s, thanks !



PTSA Communications team



Kimball Mullins and Chris Karam

PTSA co-presidents

and the

PTSA Communications team

McClure Family BBQ, Thursday, June 6th at 5:30pm

McClure Science Fair & Pizza Dinner, Thursday, May 9, 5:30pm-7:30pm

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