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    Registration for Fall MOST 2018-19 will begin October 1st. Please check the class listings and description below. Additional information and cost for each class will be on the registration form. Click here for the Session 1 Registration form.

    Monday      3:55 pm – 5:15 pm

    • Homework Club 
    • Creative Club
    • Austin Foundation Fitness
    • Maverick Select Jazz Choir
    • La Chispa

    Tuesday     3:55 pm – 5:15 pm

    • Homework Club
    • Gamers Club (FULL)
    • Drama – Fall Play (FULL)


    Wednesday     2:40 pm - 4:40 pm

    • Homework Club
    • Pottery (FULL)
    • Bridge Club


    Thursday     3:55 pm – 5:15 pm

    • Homework Club
    • Cooking Crash Course (FULL)
    • Drama (​FULL)



    • No MOST activities on Fridays

    CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (In alphabetical order)


    Austin Foundation Fitness, Mr. Khyree Smith

    Students will learn the basics of fitness and healthy living. The class will focus on physical activity and social skill development. Each day will be composed of a short discussion on a daily theme (example: focus) and followed by exercises that relate to the theme with active and fun games!


    Bridge Club , Ms. Anne Farmer, Mr. Bill Bumpas

    Once a week, students will meet to socialize, have fun, enjoy a snack, and learn the game of bridge! At the end of the session (once students have learned the game), the McClure Bridge Team will have an opportunity to compete in a tournament with several other SPS Middle Schools to see who can win the coveted NextGenBridge trophy to be shown off at their school. The game of bridge knows no geographic or socio-economic boundaries. There are no age or gender concerns. No physical or intellectual requirements. Any child can learn and enjoy the game of bridge!


    Cooking Crash Course , Ms. Erica Weisman, Mr. Adam Witzel (FULL)

    Each week we will tackle a new recipe and fundamental skills necessary to high quality home cooking. We will be cooking everything from basic sauces, scratch gnocchi, crepes, vegetarian chili and much more! By the end of this series, students will have the practical skills necessary to being cooking at home and will have new focus on making cooking accessible and affordable. Beyond cooking skills, students will also practice basic reading and math through recipe comprehension. They will work independently and in teams, and they’ll have opportunities to apply their creativity and personal tastes when choosing how to flavor and combine their dishes.


    Creative Club, Ms. Pattison

    Hello Creatives!! Interested in making your own clothes and fashions? Come collaborate with fellow textile artists in Ms. Pattison’s Creative Club. We will be learning the art of sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery! Anyone interested is encouraged to join in on the fun. Whether you have no experience or have created garments before, all skill levels are welcome. Supplies will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your existing favorite craft tools! Most importantly: bring all your creative magic!  See you there!


    Drama (Fall Play), Ms. Phillips (FULL)

    We will read, rehearse, and perform a one-hour play, The Wizard of Oz, The Deleted Pages by Eddie McPhearsonActors will learn about dynamics of performance, including presentation, characterization, and working together. Show description: Ever think what would have happened if Dorothy didn’t immediately follow the celebrated yellow brick road?  Eddie McPherson takes our favorite story on a delightful detour when Dorothy is sidetracked by a farmer offering an alternate route to the wizard’s front door — in the form of a mysterious map. Actors of all experiences are welcome (all will be cast in a role), also seeking two technical assistants for the production * Due to the popularity of the following program, there will be a lottery drawing on the evening of October 4th to determine which students will get into each program. Parents/Guardians will be notified of results of drawing on October 5th.


    Gamers Club, Ms. Whisenhunt (FULL)

    Attention anyone who loves to play strategy games! Gamer Club will feature competitive and cooperative table top gaming (both card games and board games--NOT video games). We will use our strategy, logic, and math skills in a fun and energetic environment. Club members will be expected to maintain positive sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect towards their club mates. We will end the session with a game tournament and prizes! Pros and beginners welcome! Game examples: Settlers of Catan, Citadels, Dominion, Magic the Gathering, Chess, Bridge, and many, many more! Club members are welcome to bring their own games too! 


    Homework Club

    This program is designed to give students access to the school's technology in a quiet space to work on homework, projects, or do research. This is not a tutoring service. Instead, there will be staff who can give tips and tricks to assist in students' completion of assignments as well as how they can keep organized. Student’s responsibilities in HWC are bringing their work/assignments with them and being productive at all times, even when homework is completed. There are limited spots in the computer lab so there is a strict attendance and behavior policy.  


    La Chispa

    Mission of La Chispa is to promote, support, strengthen and engage an integrated and bi-lingual identity within McClure Middle School.  We are inspired to listen to the stories of others and learn from one another.  This is a student led club open to all interested McClure students.  We will learn, practice and use (our) second language more, share our knowledge with others-either mono, bilingual or multi-lingual to move forward, and create a welcoming community for Latinx youth at McClure. We aim to be an example of how friendships can be built; by making everyone feel welcome, respected, and that they belong. If you want to be part of this awesome club at McClure please join La Chispa!


    Maverick Select Jazz Choir, Ms. Mell

    Explore your singing voice and learn to work with others in an advanced vocal setting. The outcomes of this activity could include singing a cappella, improvisation, embellishments for different styles, listening, analysis and performance. Classes will be active with singing, discussion, performance, and group work. Students will also have a chance to work on a solo and present it to the class and possibly in a public performance. The focus on the class will be developing individual and ensemble musicianship and exploring student interests. By audition only (October 1st – 9th) with Ms. Mell. Audition will include a solo of your choice and a skill and singing assessment.


    Pottery, Ms. Jane Meagher (FULL)

    Students will learn the basic skills needed to construct fired clay art projects. We will start with hand building, progress to wheel throwing and then glazing. Students will complete a series of loosely structured projects as well as execute appropriate ideas of their own choosing.