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    Posted on 03/01/2018

    Hello 7th Grade Maverick Parents and Guardians!

    The 7th grade students at McClure participated in an exciting self-discovery activity during the Service Learning Day on Thursday, March 1st. Each 7th grader took the web-based 20-minute Strengths Explorer Assessment. Their individual assessment can be accessed, along with other activities and parent/guardian guides, by using their access code (students’ access codes will be written on their Youth Workbook) to sign in on the website. Immediately, upon completion, an individual report based on their responses will be generated. This customized report reveals a person's top three themes—descriptions of his or her areas of natural talent. During the Service Learning time period, the students will be engaging in activities to better understand and identify with their individual themes. Some of the activities can be found in the Youth Workbook that each student will be given at the start of the session and should bring home at the end of the day.  

    The creators of this assessment at Gallup Strengths Center state, "The Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer is designed to help make a lifelong impact on youth based on decades of research. As a parent, it can be a challenge to identify your child's innate talents. This tool can enhance your insights into your child's discovery and growth process. It can help you understand your child's unique perspective of the world. And, it can help shed insight on what are his or her greatest talents—natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior—and how to build on those tendencies for success."

    We encourage all of our 7th grade families to visit the Gallup Strength Center website to watch the videos about the assessment, print and use the free Parent Guide, and talk with your student about their 3 individual strength themes.