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Principal Newsletter 4/20/22

Dear McClure Middle School Parents and Guardians,

We are writing to notify you about an upcoming social marketing campaign that will be launched at McClure Middle School. Social marketing campaigns aim to educate and change behaviors for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole. The campaign was developed by the Washington State Department of Health.

This particular campaign is primarily focused on influencing middle school aged youth with the goal of shifting attitudes, behaviors, and social norms regarding boundaries and consent in personal interactions, helping lay the foundation for healthy relationships later in life.

What is the campaign? 

This in-school campaign will last for five weeks from May 2-May 29, 2022. The school component includes posters and short morning announcements. Behaviors covered in the materials relate to: personal boundaries, taking someone’s photo without permission, body shaming, touching someone without their permission, and actively seeking consent (making sure others are comfortable) before acting. View the campaign files.

What does this mean for you and your students? 

This campaign will primarily be experienced by students in the hallways and through brief weekly educational announcements (on boundaries, healthy relationships, and consent).

While the campaign is age-appropriate and designed to be relevant to youth, the topics may be sensitive for some students. For this reason, we want you to be aware of the campaign. We have also compiled a list of resources for families, teachers, and school staff that may be helpful in supporting our young people. (See attached list of resources.)

Optional Survey

As part of this campaign, a brief voluntary and anonymous pre and post survey will be conducted during advisory class before and after the poster campaign. Questions will be asked about student behaviors/perceptions regarding boundaries and consent in our school. If you would like to opt your child out of taking part in the surveys, please let us know by April 29. If you would like to review the survey, please contact Nora Jungbluth

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. About Respect Parent Guardian Letter or additional background on the campaign and development process, see attached Campaign Overview.


Shannon Conner

Principal, McClure Middle School