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Latest Principal News (2/10/22)

Family Newsletter (2/10/22)


For 2 months, the Athletic Department, in partnership with district leadership, building leaders, and Sports Advisory Committees, have met to ensure middle school student athletes are able to participate in athletic activity in a safe environment. 

In December, the SPS Athletic Department indefinitely postponed the winter season sports due to:

  • Rising COVID cases in King County 
  • Stringent testing guidelines 
  • Additional resources needed to manage those guidelines. 

In the last week we have seen a drop in COVID cases, coupled with a reduction in testing guidelines. It is because of these facts, middle school winter sports will move to competition starting February 7, with games beginning February 19 (Jamboree).  

Things to note:

  • Testing Guidance – Athletes will be required to test on Friday afternoon in the school building to be eligible for competition. There will be no at home test or 72 hour negative test permitted.
  • Spectators – There will be no spectators allowed at games. Per previous guidance, programs will be allowed to have 2 media at each game to film for their community.
  • Season Schedule: Winter season will end April 2 & Spring season beginning upon return from Spring Break.

More detailed information can be obtained from your school Athletic Coordinator. At McClure, our Protected Health Room Staff will manage the majority of testing of your athlete.  We ask you to emphasize to your athlete the importance of reporting to their scheduled Friday testing appointments will be provided during school.

More information to come regarding Jamboree participation, etc. 

Thank you for your patience and support on these important developments.

In This Together!

Ms. Tocci, McClure Athletic Coordinator

Ms. Murray, McClure Assistant Principal

Ms. Conner, McClure Principal

To class on time!

Starting today, 2/10, we are pushing on student to ramp up their commitment (and essential lifetime habit) to getting to class on time, each and every class period. The basic school-wide expectation is that students will be in their seats (not walking through the door), when the final/tardy bell rings. If students are not in their assigned seat and/or in the hallway, they will be issued and “admit to class” slip that will indicate that their tardy is either “excused” or “unexcused”. Our staff is well aware of honest to goodness outlier/emergency situations which would not result in an “unexcused” admit to class slip – late buses, for example.

When a student earns five “admit to class slips” for unexcused tardies, the parent/guardian will be informed. When a student earns ten or more admit to class slips for unexcused tardies, the parent/guardian will be informed AND the student will be assigned to the PRIDE room during their lunchtime. We started this “admit slip” process today, and the good news is that just our announcement of this new system resulted in about 98% of our students making it to their classrooms/assigned seat on time. I am confident the tardy “repeaters” will get the hang of this basic school and lifetime expectation as we move forward.

We Need Water – please help!!  (repeat)

It’s a long, hard day when you are a middle school student, and if you forget your water bottle at home, your body and brain are not going to function at their highest capacities. We started the year with a nice supply of bottled water, and we are now running low. (We are all very aware of the impact that bottled water has on the environment but…drinking directly from the water fountains is fairly dangerous right now in terms of health and safety, and when children do not have access to water, we need a way to support them.) Thank you in advance if you are willing to donate some bottled water to our school!!!