Latest Principal News (1/7/22)

Family Newsletter (1/7/22)

Hello Maverick Families:

Welcome back and Happy New Year to our Maverick community! 

As you know we started our new year off by opening up a COVID testing clinic for staff and SPS students and, though it was an incredibly heavy lift (I did not know we were in charge of this until Thursday afternoon 12/30, during our break), it was definitely a huge success.  With the help of Central Office District staff and other volunteers, McClure tested over 700 individuals.  That is impressive.  As I said in a communication earlier this week, though I know finding childcare and rearranging family schedules and plans for Monday was also a heavy lift for our community, I also am confident that this huge effort by all led to a safer space in our school (and feeder schools) because positive cases were identified and those individuals knew to stay home so cases were not spread. HUGE shout out to our incredible School Nurse, Jess Calhoun for her hard work in leading the way and her incredible devotion to our students, staff, and community. 

Just a few news items/updates below. Thank you for your partnership!

Students Not Following School Health Protocols – Please Help:

While the majority of students in our building are vigilant with meeting the basic, non-negotiable SPS health and safety protocols, there are some students who habitually do not, despite multiple school-wide, classroom and individual announcements and reminders.  This is frustrating and alarming and cannot continue if we want our schools to remain safe and open.  Please emphasize to your McClure student to:

  • Keep masks on – including following lunch protocols. This includes upon release from school in the courtyard as students are still grouped together.
  • Refrain from hand-holding, hugging, or any other close contact. We understand this is a natural and positive impulse, but we simply cannot allow it.
  • Wash hands/sanitize frequently.

Yesterday, (Thursday) morning our wonderful School Nurse, Jess Calhoun, emphasized via morning announcements the importance of keeping up these safety expectations.  I am hoping students understand their absolute responsibility to meet these expectations, and that they will show empathy and compassion for their peers and our school staff.

Athletics – Please see notice from Seattle Public Schools regarding middle schools athletics here:

Q: Is middle school athletics cancelled?

A: No. The season is postponed. The Athletic Office in partnership with the District Office and in counsel with Middle School Steering Committee will convene in the coming weeks to discuss the safest plan of action going forward for continuing with middle school programming.

Q: Can we still practice and not have competitions?

A: At this time traditional practice is not allowed. Skills building and individual development will be allowed at a later date. The Athletic Office will provide guidance on appropriate structure for skills and drills development. Competitions will be postponed.

The Athletic Office will explore options for rescheduling the basketball season and we intend to resume these activities when we can fully comply with DOH and school district requirements. 

New, New New! (clubs, semester, etc!!)

Due to the added day off after Veteran’s Day this fall, January 27th will be the final day of our first semester (and NOT a day off from school). That means we will begin new, 2nd semester classes on Friday, 1/28.  

We will also start our second round of clubs next week. Students had an opportunity to prioritize club choices and we will be ready to roll on Monday.  So proud of our teaching staff for stepping up to provide this extra opportunity for connection and joy during the school day. 

Parent Resource – NPR:  “Are We Raising Unhelpful, Bossy Kids? Here’s The Fix”

I came across this resource over break (via NPR) and it made me think about my own approach to raising my children.  I can remember more than one occasion when, instead of inviting and/or encouraging them to participate in a chore or task at home, I allowed them (or even asked them, embarrassingly) to not participate because subconsciously I knew I could get the job done faster and with better outcomes.  This article talks about how inviting/encouraging our kids to participate in chores/tasks and coaching them to do better each time, leads to more empathetic, helpful young adults and adults!

Happy Weekend!  

Shannon Conner

Principal, McClure Middle School