Family Newsletter 3/8/23  

Family Newsletter 3/8/23  

Hello Maverick Nation!   

I hope this newsletter finds you well and excited to move into spring.  It’s been a minute since my last newsletter!  I just have a few things to share to keep you on top of things at McClure.  


First, on Friday, February 17th, we hosted our second school dance/Activity Day of the year and it was a major success!!!  Thanks to our ASB, our kids enjoyed the music and actually DANCED!  Thank you to our amazing PTSA volunteers who provided water and popcorn and were delighted in watching our kids have so much fun! 

From our wonderful Counseling Department: Mental Health Lessons in Advisory 

Dear Families, 

Starting on March 13, 2023, Advisory teachers will begin teaching the SPS Middle School Mental Health lesson series on stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, and identifying trusted adults.  Each lesson in this series includes a list of resources that can be accessed at school or in the community. 

This unit is not therapeutic, rather it educates students and empowers them to get help for themselves and others. Administrators and counseling staff are aware that this content is being delivered and are prepared to support students as needed. 

Families are the primary influence in a child’s life and are their most important educators. To learn more about talking with your child about suicide and mental health, and to access resources, please visit 

If you have individual questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s advisory teacher or school support staff (counselor, nurse, social worker).  

Thank you, 

Leslie Collings Counselor, McClure Middle School 6th A-M, 7th All Katie Pillers Counselor, McClure Middle School 6th N-Z, 8th All 
 Jess Calhoun School Nurse  Wendy Walcoff Social Worker (substitute for Nora Jungbluth (W, F) 

Spring Sports! 

From our wonderful Athletic Director, Ms. Tocci!!  


Please see the information below for spring dates. Schedules to come (district has not provided them yet)!  



  • Girls Volleyball Try-outs:   
  • Monday March 20th & Friday March 24th in the school gymnasium directly after school until 5:30.  
  • Practices will remain on the same days, Mondays and Fridays, for the remainder of the season.  
  • Girls Volleyball Program Lead: “Mr. J” Jim Proctor (   
  • Boys Soccer Try-outs:  
  • Tuesday March 21st & Thursday March 23rd at the QACC field directly after school until 5:30.   
  • Practices will remain on the same days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for the remainder of the season.   
  • Boys Soccer Program Assistant: Stephanie Skinner  
  • Boys Soccer Program Assistant: Chris Bogosian   
  • Co-Ed Track Start Date:  
  • Track practices will begin Tuesday March 21st & continue Thursday March 23rd directly after school until 5:30. Our track team will meet in front of the portables next to the McClure building entrance.  
  • Practices will remain on the same days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for the remainder of the season.  
  • Co-Ed Track Program Lead: Tim Johnson (   
  • We are always in need of some volunteer assistant coaches for our incredibly large track program. If you can volunteer for meets or practice, please send Mr. Johnson an email so we can get you onboarded through the district for the season!  



  • Registration is open!  
  • All registration and paperwork can be found on  
  • Your student athlete needs an up to date physical in order to try-out!   
  • If you have already turned in a physical this year, you do not need to get a second one. Submit the same paperwork as a prior season.  
  • If you turned a physical in last year and it has not expired, you can use the same physical for this season! If it expires, you will need to provide a new physical.  
  • Need Help Getting a Physician Signed Physical?    
  • All SPS (Seattle Public Schools) students are eligible to go to ANY School Based Health Center to get a FREE sport physical. Locate a School Based Health Center near you using this link    
  • Convenient locations for McClure students include the Teen Health Centers at:     
  • Ballard High School — Appointments should be made by emailing or calling/texting Say at (206-390-3355)     
  • Lincoln High School — Appointments should be made by emailing or calling/texting Maggie Venberg at (206-548-5760)  


  • If you have any interest in coaching, please fill out this volunteer form and send us a brief email telling us why you would be a good fit for our students! Emails can be sent to Ms. Tocci (Athletic Coordinator) & please CC Mrs. Conner (School Principal) at and     
  • NOTE:     
  • As information becomes available to me throughout the year (regarding schedules, events, sign-ups, who coaches are etc.) I will email specific information out when I have it. Chances are, if I have not sent anything out, I most likely do not know the answer to your question regarding those topics. The district does not support middle school athletics in the same manner as high school athletics, and it takes longer for information to be provided to middle schools.     


If you have any further questions, please email me at  

That’s all from me, GO MAVS!!!  

A.C. Brei Tocci  


Math Enrichment Opportunity!!!! 

One of our wonderful parents works for  a STEM education enrichment institution.  She wanted to share information and their website for our McClure families.  Engageable Design is launching an in-erson program to help middle school students foster problem-solving skills alongside development an in-depth understanding of mathematics. The class is on Saturdays and is for free!!  

For more information and to register, go to 

Shannon Conner 

Principal, McClure Middle School