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Family Newsletter 12/7/23

Family Newsletter

Colorful sign with the word Unity in different languages.

Hello Maverick Nation!! We have one more week until break and you can definitely feel the energy of the school building – everyone is excited for vacation!! 

Our new student-created banners were installed in our entryway last week – they are beautiful!  As a reminder, last year all of our McClure students took part in creating these banners and a beautiful wall-mounted mural (located outside of the cafeteria) with welcoming and positive messaging in all of the languages spoken by families at McClure. As you can see, the new artwork mimics the colors and positive messaging of our stunning mural in our entryway – also created by McClure students.  So proud of this. Don’t forget to look up when you enter!

We are having some exciting activities here at McClure leading up to the break.  On Wednesday this week, our 6th graders participated in the annual WEB event featuring Gingerbread House construction.  It is a team building activity but also – SO FUN!! Staff will be judging the houses on 1) Most Original, 2) Most Candy Showing and 3) Best in Show…See for yourself just a few of the final products…some held up pretty well – a few suffered a minor earthquake. 😊

Gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses

Also, coming up on Friday next week – Spirit Assembly!!!  There will be games, music and other activities including a slam dunk competition…likely some creative approaches by some of our staff members to effectively compete in this (wink, wink).

I do hope your family has a wonderful break.  It’s the perfect time of year to just be present and enjoy your people. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all.

Shake and Bake!! (From McClure PTSA!)   A beloved McClure tradition!   Celebrate the holidays and say thank you to our staff with delicious holiday treats & baked goods on Monday, December 11. Bake up your favorite holiday treat & support the McClure Staff. 

Sign up for the Shake and Bake

Model Mavericks

Per the Student Handbook (page 22), all students at McClure are expected to be stewards of our shared spaces.  Every student is assigned Model Maverick duties for at least one week each year to assist in caring for the lunchroom and is expected to fulfill those duties with a positive outlook. This amounts to 10-minutes of service to the lunchroom (sweeping, picking up, etc.) for five days.  I am very proud of the students who have already served; we have some very helpful and respectful kids here at McClure!

PTSA Treasurer Needed

The McClure PTSA Board needs a Treasurer! This is a great way to make a make big impact for the school. Most everything can be done on your own time and you will have lots of support.

Interested? Contact:

Join the PTSA! (You’ll be so glad you did!!)

Please join the PTSA!  It’s a fun and easy way to connect with your McClure community and contribute to the school. Please click on the link and join as an individual or family.   Join McClure PTSA

That’s it for now!

Go Mavs!
Principal Shannon Conner
McClure Middle School