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Curriculum Night 10/6/2022

McClure’s IN-PERSON Curriculum Night will be this

Thursday, October 6th6:30-8:00 pm.

We cannot wait to have our families back in our school for Curriculum Night this year.  Our format will look a little different from elementary or previous years’ experiences.  Our goals for Curriculum Night are to: 

  1. Build connection and community – both between you and the teachers and between you and other parents! 
  1. Allow for a calm, humane experience that doesn’t involve a bell schedule. 
  1. Give families a basic overview of your student’s McClure experience and what is to come this year. 
  1. Put our kids in the driver’s seat of showing you the McClure “experience” from their perspective. 

Our Curriculum Night will have more of an Open House, “choose your own adventure” feel to it.  We are asking you to actually bring your McClure student to Curriculum Night.  Their job will be to escort you to each of their classrooms, introduce you to their teachers, show off their rooms/work, etc.  and answer any questions you might have.  Teachers will be in their classrooms, greeting you, answering short questions focused on the classroom and/or curriculum.  They will have syllabi and departmental overviews available so many of your questions will be easily available and answered. They may even have a small, self-guided activity for you to do with your child that demonstrates activities kids participate in on the daily.   

We will start the evening in the gym with a brief welcome and overview from myself and our Assistant Principal, Ann Jennings.  

We ask that you: 

  1. Try to arrange plans for your McClure student to attend Curriculum Night with you.  (We, of course, understand that this is not always possible…trust, I was a soccer mom for many years…) 
  1. Please stay with your McClure student for the duration of the evening; we do not have supervision in place beyond our babysitting room (see below) and we really do want this to be a family experience. 
  1. Avoid conversations with teachers that are turning into “parent-teacher” conferences. This is not the purpose of the evening; teachers have upwards of 150 students on their caseloads and they want to make sure they get to greet each and every one of their students’ families!  If you want to communicate with your child’s teacher about specific concerns or inquiries regarding your child, you always have the option of contacting them via email or phone to set up an appointment.  They love talking to parents!   

Last “tip” for the evening: we are well aware that the Thursday Market will be up and running at the same time as our Curriculum Night.  We will start in the gym promptly at 6:30.  Please know that our parking lot likely will not have a lot of parking options so maybe give yourself a little more time to find parking around the school, walk, or plan to carpool.  The good news is, you could possibly pick up a tasty dinner at the Market preceding the event!! 

BONUS: FREE BABYSITTING PROVIDED!! Our fabulous 8th grade WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) students will be providing FREE babysitting during your Curriculum Night adventure!!  

The PTSA will be hosting a Cider/Hot Cocoa Social in the cafeteria during Curriculum Night so stop on by and/or sign up to help!