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    Great things are happening at McClure

    2019 McClure Fall Family Appeal

    Welcome to the 2nd week of the Fall Family Appeal! The PTSA fuels GREAT THINGS HAPPENING AT MCCLURE like the McClure Library. Did you know the McClure PTSA fully funds the school library?


    How are we doing so far?


    24% raised!





    We've reached 25% of our $50,000 goal.

    Make a difference today and donate an amount that is meaningful to you.

    All donation amounts are welcome.

    25% raised! Click to donate!

    2019-202 McClure PTSA Planned Allocation of $187,850  Technology 4% Teacher Support 14.7% Student enrichment 25.1% Safety 8.1% Administration 2.6% Beautification 2.9% Community Building 10.4% Fundraising 9.3% Library 4.3% New gym floor 18.6%