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    Overview of Exploratories
    These courses provide opportunities for students to "explore" a type of learning or skill-building that they may not have chosen or experienced in the past.  Exploratories are not choice driven and are randomly assigned.  Below are just a few examples of our exploratory offerings for this school year (2017-18). They are subject to change in the following school year. Each course is semester long.

    International Performing Arts
    Learn about the world through the lens of the performing arts. In this course, students experience immersion into a cultural focus through music, dance, history, linguistics, geography, and visual arts. Students will “travel the world” to discover and explore in-depth specific regions and cultures.  Students will participate in various performance arts, as well as readings, activities, and crafts that relate to the cultures being studied. 

    Journalism is a semester course where we engage in several projects. Our main focus is the school yearbook. We explore graphic design, website building, journalism, and photography. This is an exciting class where students are able to access their creative energy.

    Gateway/Project Lead the Way
    Design and Modeling is team work to solve problems using 2D and 3D modeling. Hands on! Minds on!

    Video Production
    Adventure through media by viewing and producing video. Class activities include image/concept, communication theory, media literacy, technical aspects,
    storytelling, documentary, editorial, features, interviewing, editing, animation, critique and scripting.

    Students will learn to play ukulele using any available resource. Two curricula are in use and students are also encouraged to use internet resources to learn songs that they would like to play. Projects offer students an opportunity to explore different music concepts such as music history, music theory, music sequencing, and ethnomusicology.