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    Overview of Language Arts at McClure
    McClure has Readers and Writers Workshop throughout the year for all grade levels.  All classrooms have class libraries, supported by the school library and librarian.  We have monthly school-wide book clubs after school.  We have aligned our instruction with the Common Core State Standards.

    McClure has restructured all Language Arts classes into a “blended” model. All Language Arts courses will be taught on an advanced / 'Honors' level. Students will benefit from greater diversity within these courses and all students will receive an Honors designation on their transcripts/report cards. Students who struggle with reading and writing skills will be provided with extra support via 1:1 reading tutors, reading improvement as a support course, small group lessons and re-teaching of important skills. Students who demonstrate mastery will be provided with advanced learning opportunities, reading/writing enrichment activities, and advanced texts across genres to read and analyze.

     Members of the Department What They Teach
     Adam Brickett  6th Grade Language Arts
     Georgette Duggal  8th Grade Language Arts
     Kelsey Klug  Librarian
     Terry Burns  8th Grade Language Arts
     Jennifer Fanning  6th and 7th Grade Language Arts
     Sarah Pattison  7th and 8th Grade Language Arts, Subject Matter Specialist

    Scope and Sequence of Grades/Programs

    6th Grade Language Arts
    Reading Life, Personal Narrative, Character Analysis, Non-Fiction Pamphlets, Literary Essay, Book Clubs, Realistic Fiction, Poetry, Genre Fiction (Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-Fi, or Fairy Tale), Independent Reading and Responses to Literature. Writers In The Schools for all 6th grade students, focusing on narrative writing through illustration. 

    7th Grade Language Arts
    Building a Reading Life & Launching Writers Workshop, Research Based Informational Project, Character Analysis, Literary Essays, Book Clubs, Creating Graphic Novels from Classic Literature, Persuasive Essay, Poetry and Song Lyrics Comparison, Independent Reading and Responses to Literature. WITS for all 7th grade students, focusing on poetry.

    8th Grade Language Arts
    Hero Monologue, Narrative Writing and Reading, Monologue Presentations, Goal Formation, Literary Essay, Non-Fiction studies, Book Clubs, Global Flash Fiction-reading and writing, Social Issues, Realistic Fiction- reading and writing, Poetry, Genre expansion, Inquiry on Global Issues, Argument Essay, Novel Study- House on Mango Street, Promotion Speech, Independent Reading and Responses to Literature.