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Back to School Informational Night Video

Request for Back Pack and Supply Donation!

If you are able to donate school supplies, we will be collecting items on Tuesday, August 31 and on the first day of school September 1.  Bins will be placed in the courtyard for drop off.  All materials on the list are needed, but there is a high need for new or gently used backpacks and composition books. Our goal is to collect 200 composition books and 25 backpacks. We appreciate all supply donations.

In addition to backpacks, we are asking for: 

  1. 3-ring or 6-8 pocket binder  Pencil pouch6 index dividers1 pack loose leaf lined notebook paper 
  2. 6 composition books 3/semester3” X 3” post-its (4)Ballpoint pens (blue/black)#2 pencils Eraser
  3. Ruler (metric and standard markings)Glue sticks (1-2)Highlighters Kleenex 

And now…here are a few updates regarding the opening of school and also health and new safety information:

  1. First Day of School Reminder: 

Remember, we will be gathering on the Big Howe field between 8:35-8:55.Students will be able to see their most updated schedules on Monday afternoon (August 30th).Please pay particular attention to your student’s advisory teacher (last year’s students will loop up with the same advisor!).Students will line up with their Advisory teacher (who will have giant name signs!) Then student will enter the school with their advisory teacher; we will start our first day in advisory where students will be in receipt of their finalized class schedule.

Students will be released (in a staggered fashion) at 3:45 every day including the first day of school…except starting next week on Wednesday, 9/15, students will be released at 2:30 every Wednesday.

No lockers:

In an effort to achieve the best possible adherence to social distancing, we have decided that we will not be assigning lockers to students for the foreseeable future.  Students should carry their belongings throughout the day in a backpack or satchel.  They should turn off and store their phones in their backpack/satchel after the first bell rings and keep phones off until end-of-day release.

Laptop Distribution

We will begin distributing SPS laptops to McClure students starting Thursday, September 2nd and rolling out the distribution across the first 3-4 days of school. Students will also receive direct instruction (and practice!) sessions in their science classrooms to get everyone up and running with the platforms we will be using and also offering reminders about how to take care of these loaned machines.Students will also receive a charger and a cover for their laptops to help with keeping them in safe.More information on the laptop usage agreement form and fee will be coming soon! For more laptop distribution information from the district office, click here:

Masks and Handwashing:

We will spend some significant time instructing (and reminding!) kids about the importance of wearing masks appropriately and routinizing handwashing both in the beginning weeks…and I am sure throughout the school year.Leading up to school, please help us by watching these short videos to kids know what to expect when they enter our building. 

Mask Wearing for Students 

Hand Washing


Breakfast and lunch will be provided – free – for all students all school year. 

Though we are all excited to have all our kids back in the building, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure the health and safety of our students and lunch has been an enormous focus of our planning.  We know that there is concern about safety for students eating lunch at school. We share these concerns and all school leaders have spent the summer developing lunch plans appropriate to their buildings. McClure will not be providing an outdoor lunch option; we do not have the resources or staffing to provide a safe, appropriate space to hold lunch outdoors and we do not have time to make plans for what would surely be a very temporary option due to the typical Northwest weather conditions that will begin in the fall (rain, wind, cold,  and possibly even snow). 

That said, we DO have some very strategic plans in place to provide a safe space for kids to eat. Again, we have spent a lot of time developing these plans in consultation with our district health and safety leadership and our school nurse. The following set up and procedures have been set in place:

  • We have augmented our eating space from one lunchroom to three. 
  • Multiple HEPA air purifiers stationed in every location and windows open in rooms that have outside facing windows – supporting indoor effective air change so that we are either changing or cleaning the air.
  • Students are assigned seating during lunch
  • Handwashing protocols for before and after lunch
  • Limiting time that students are sitting at lunch
  • Maximizing physical distancing
  • Organizing students so they are at least three feet apart and not facing directly across from each other while eating/drinking; they will either be staggered or facing the same direction.
  • “Airplane-style” eating: pull mask to the side while taking a bite or drink, put mask back on while chewing. 
  • Lunch supervisors dismiss students to selected activity: gym or library or students may stay in assigned lunchroom. Students may not wander from room to room – again, either stay in assigned lunchroom or make one movement/choice for gym or library. 
  • Limited movement: students are to remain seated until their lunch is finished.

Visitors to Schools. 

For the foreseeable future, we will not be allowing family or community members into the building.  There is so much at stake in terms of 

All volunteers will be required to provide proof of vaccination, complete a video training on COVID health and safety protocols, and follow District COVID health and safety protocols. Volunteers will support students remotely to the extent possible.

Protected Health Care Room

As a systemic practice SPS continues to resource a PHCR.  Our room will be supervised by Ms. Alexis Singleton.  Should your student report feeling unwell during the school day-Alexis will locate them in our PHCR (Room #217) until we can reach you to arrange pick up when indicated.

When you come to pick up your student, they will be escorted to meet you outside.  We are currently working with SPS on the timing and specifics of their launch of on-site coVid testing which will be forthcoming for those students whose illness/symptoms indicate this step.

That’s it for now: see you Monday evening on Zoom and looking forward to seeing your amazing McClure Maverick students on my favorite day of the year: the first day of school!!! 

Shannon Conner

Principal, McClure Middle School