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    Overview of Spanish Classes at McClure

    Spanish classes at McClure focus on Spanish content, skills and cultural exploration.

    7th grade level text book: Adelante

    Six chapters with specific content that relates to school, family, friends, time, daily schedule, describe people.

    8th grade level text book: En Camino

    Six chapters with specific content that relates to favorite things to do, to eat, to shop, celebration, school life, vacations, while also teaching students skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

    Our curriculum provides Total Physical Response storytelling (TPRS) communicative-based teaching method, which allows students to acquire, internalize and produce language quickly. We use technology in our content including but not limited to video clips, CD-rom, language web-site games, peer learning-dialogue conversation, topic projects, flash cards to reach individual learning style (i.e.spatial or visual learners, audio or interpersonal learners, kinesthetic or hands on learners). Students are encouraged to use the online sources, print or digital text research.

    Our Spanish program provides an array of strategies for all skill-levels

    • Students with Diverse Talents (Multiple Intelligences)
    • Students with High Abilities (Exceptionally Able)
    • Students with Disabilities (Special Education)
    • Students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Students Who Are Bilingual

    More importantly, we use target language learning opportunities to reach out to the world. Through learning Spanish language and cultures, we learn to value others and appreciate our own culture. The ultimate goal is to prepare our students to be lifetime target language learners and future global citizens.

    Scope and Sequence of Grades and Spanish Programs:

    7th Grade Spanish:

    Students will learn chapters 1-3 in first semester, chapters 4-6 in second semester

    • AR, ER, and IR verbs present tense conjugation.
    • Greeting, introducing oneself and friend, school and family life
    • Four seasons, seven days, twelve months
    • Weather, numbers and color
    • Subject pronouns, nonce and adjective gender agreed, definition/ infinitive objectives, tag questions
    • Possessive e adjectives to describe things.

    8th Grade Spanish:

    Students will learn chapter 7-9 in first semester, chapter 10-12 in second semester

    • present tense verbs conjugation
    • preterit tense verbs conjugation
    • Simple future tense
    • Present progressive
    • Comparison and to address preferences
    • Express favorite food, shopping gifts, family life and ideal vacation