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    Physical Education is intended to be an opportunity for students to exercise. The American Heart Association’s guideline says that 40 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week is the minimum amount needed to maintain a healthy heart. We want our students working to the point that they perspire or work hard enough to raise their heart rate throughout their Activity time. We are also following the State’s curriculum: Concepts of Health and Fitness and will be giving the written-Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) to our 7th (practice) and 8th grade classes.

    We test students twice during the Semester using the District Fitness Test with the expectation that students will maintain or improve their personal fitness level during the time they are in PE. We believe fitness is a combination of 5 general areas:

    • aerobic / cardio-respiratory endurance
    • muscle strength
    • muscle endurance
    • flexibility
    • body composition

    We also believe health can be affected by knowledge of and healthy practices in these areas:

    • nutrition
    • fitness concepts
    • basic anatomy
    • movement / motor skills

    Swimming is an important life skill that is taught at McClure. Learning to swim is a life skill that can come in very useful throughout one’s life. Swimming is not only a great way to keep fit , it is also a requirement for various professions (i.e. the emergency services ). Along with being a life saving skill swimming can make a whole range of watersports accessible, such as surfing, kayaking or water polo.

    Students are required to 'suit up' for PE. This policy is intended for the safety and well-being of students in the class. Students should wear a comfortable clothes designated for physical activities for example shorts or sweat pants and t-shirt as well as comfortable non-marking rubber soled athletic shoes that are laced up. Students grade and or participation may be impacted if they are not appropriately dressed for PE. Students with special needs or requests should arrange a conference with the PE teacher to discuss appropriate accommodations/modifications as soon as possible.

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