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    Overview of Special Education at McClure
    McClure has a variety of Special Education Programs available to serve students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). The goal of the Special Education Department at McClure is to provide services and supports to meet the unique needs of our students.

     Resource Teacher Instructional Assistants
    Special Education Dept Head/Math  Jennifer Brown-Mendoza  
    Language Arts  Katie Coonan
    Andrea D’Asaro (Monday/Wednesday)
    Focus  Mari Ingram Allison Schroder
    Chelsea Zimmerman
    SEL  Stephenson Carver  
    Access  Dan Bremson Terry Fresenius
    Kate Gengo
    Aaron Bryant
    Distinct  John Rutledge Alexia Ramos
    Paul Goldner-Behavior Tech
    Medically Fragile  Chanel Moon Jackie Harden
    Glynn Rosenberg
     Related Service Providers  Jessica Calhoun– School Nurse
    Teresa Ashby- School Psychologist
    Teddi Constantine - Speech and Language Pathologist
    Emma Stern/Kathleen Torelli- Occupational Therapist
    Lacy Brown- Physical Therapist 
    Elizabeth (Bess) Clickenger- Vision Specialist
    Gier Rosvik- Adaptive PE Specialist 
    Jessika Hornby- Audiologist

    Scope and Sequence of Grades/Programs

    All of our Special Education Programs strive to ensure that our students receive the most appropriate services and supports to help facilitate their learning. McClure provides a continuum of services for students. When our students’ least restrictive environment is the general education classroom, we make sure accommodations and/or modifications are given as needed to promote their understanding of the general education curriculum. When our students’ least restrictive environment is not the general education classroom, we give them opportunities to access the general education curriculum in whichever setting is most appropriate. When instruction is provided in the special education setting, the curriculum taught is a modification of the general education curriculum. 

    If you would like to hear more about the Special Education Programs at McClure Middle School please contact McClure’s Special Education Department Head, Jennifer Brown-Mendoza, at or 206-252-1838