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    Overview of Special Education at McClure
    McClure has a variety of Special Education Programs available to serve students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).  Students are provided with the varied meaningful opportunities to learn and make progress academically, socially and behaviorally.  All students are full members of their classrooms and the wider school community.  The goal of the Special Education Department at McClure is to provide services and supports to meet the individualized needs of our students. 

     Program Teacher Contact Information  Instructional Assistants
    Special Education Dept Head Mari Ingram 
    6th Grade Resource Carlos Rangel  
    7th Grade Resource Steve Carver  
    8th Grade Resource  Kim Cecchini  
    Access  Mari Ingram Alina Purcel
    Danielle Clarke
    Terry Fresenius
    Nathan Woo 
    SEL/Access Keith McLaren  Al Trezona
    Dan Bremson Glynn Rosenberg
    Medically Fragile Chanel Moon Jackie Harden
    Seth Waker
    Related Service Providers
    School Nurse Jessica Calhoun
    School Psychologist Sam Johnson  
     SLP Teddi Constantine  
     OT Kerry Canning
     Physical Therapist Heidi Mills
     Audiologist Jessika Horn
     Vision  Specialist Shell Harris
    Adaptive PE Specialist Gier Rosvik  

    Scope and Sequence of Grades/Programs

    Our Special Education Programs strive to ensure that our students receive the most appropriate services and supports to help guide their learning. McClure provides a continuum of services for students. All students are provided instructional support, including IEP-based accommodations and modifications, to help them access learning opportunities in all their class settings. Our team works in consultation with general education teachers to review curriculum, assess learning needs, and adjust accommodations and modifications to classes and individualized programs as needed.