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    Overview of Physical Education at McClure
    Physical education is an opportunity for students to exercise, have fun, develop skills, and learn more about nutrition, fitness concepts, and anatomy.  This course will focus on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each student through various sports, success-oriented activities, physical challenges, cooperative play, and content knowledge aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    We incorporate lessons and activities from the Five for Life curriculum, the adopted physical education curriculum of Seattle Public Schools, along with other supplemental programs and activities throughout the school year.  Fitness testing will be done on a periodic basis to assess the components of fitness.  These assessments will include the pacer, curl-ups (aka sit-ups), push-ups, and the sit-and-reach test. (These assessments have been suspended for the 2020-2021 school year) Students will be developing SMART Fitness Goals and completing distanced learning fitness challenges located on Welnet. Students will be reading, writing, and working on health and fitness topics on a regular basis in this class as well as completing a culminating project which combines all of the knowledge they’ve learned in the semester.

     Members of the Department  What they teach
     Brei Tocci  6th-8th grade PE
     Nick Wheeler  6th-8th grade PE

    Scope and Sequence of Grades/Programs

    Content Knowledge
    Nutrition – Diet, nutrients, food labels, hydration, body composition
    Fitness concepts – Components of fitness, heart rate, FITT principle
    Anatomy – Bones, muscles

    Activities/Games/Units/Skills (Suspended for the 2020-2021 School year)
    Team handball, archery, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, rowing, hockey, soccer, basketball, flag football, pickleball, badminton, climbing, and many other games/activities.
    2020-2021 School year remote learning circuit training, flexibility training, functional training.

    Teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, honesty, cooperation, friendly competition, safety, etiquette, conflict resolution, integrity, accountability, discipline, structure, focus, patience, and perseverance.


    Registration for Spring Sports will open Friday, February 14th.  McClure will be offering Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball and Co-Ed Track!  Registration will be available through FamilyID.  Be sure to listen to the daily bulletin for upcoming tryouts and meetings, practice days are still to be determined.  

    Remember, you must upload a current physical on FamilyID in order to complete your registration.  No physical, no participation!  We look forward to seeing our Mavericks turn out for Spring Sports!!  If you have any questions about Spring Sports be sure to talk to Ms. Tocci!