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Overview of Advisory at McClure
Advisory is a regularly scheduled class that gives students and teachers the opportunity to build those positive relationships that research shows are so important for social, emotional, and academic success. Advisory also has time built in for academic support. An Advisory class is smaller than other classes – usually between 20 to 25 children – and the Advisory group remains with the same teacher through a whole school year. During the 2020-2021 school year, 7th- and 8th-grade students were assigned to the same advisory class and teacher that they had last year.

Why make time for an advisory class?
Research shows that students who participate in advisory programs with dedicated social-emotional support, along with academic support, feel more included in their school environment, report higher levels of belonging, and achieve at higher levels.  

Below is a typical week in Advisory class. Each Advisory is 35 minutes long, except Wednesday, which is 25.






Social-Emotional Focus Day

• Provides a consistent start to the week

• Circle time, conversations, check-ins

• Current event video or article

• Connecting events to our own lives

Asynchronous day

• Individual and small-group check-ins with teachers

• Time to catch up on classwork, contact teachers

Morning advisory
(25 minutes)

• Team-building game, movement, activity

Structured Academic Day

• Time for homework, assemblies, librarian visits, counselor visits

• Academic check-ins

• Organization tips, technology issues such as checking The Source, Schoology, using OneNote

Team Building OR Art Activity

• Often a combination of a “theme” lesson and a team-building activity

• Art is incorporated regularly. Includes projects on computer as well as offline