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    Welcome to McClure.  The following are some “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” about the transition to middle school.  We are looking forward to meeting students and families for the new school year!

    A few things to discuss with your child before school starts to ease their transition to McClure MS:

    1. McClure is a closed campus
    2. Our dress code follows a ‘respect the space’ philosophy
    3. We are a cell phone free school

    How big is McClure, and how many 6th graders do you enroll?

    McClure is a relatively small middle school with about 550+ students.  We enroll about 200 sixth graders each year.

    How do you help students transition to 6th grade?

    McClure is organized to ensure a comfortable transition for our 6th graders.  To facilitate a seamless transition to middle school we use a variety of strategies: in the spring, we send an information sheet to families to to identify student preferences about electives (band, orchestra, choir).  McClure counselors send a letter to the elementary teachers to get information on students' needs so we have a sense of their strengths and needs before they arrive at McClure.

    When we receive our enrolled students' names, a letter is mailed to each family inviting them to our end-of-year activities and letters go out to 6th grade students regarding our 6th grade W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) Orientation, before school begins*.  All 6th grade students receive W.E.B. mentoring throughout the year from our 8th grade W.E.B. leaders.

    We also coordinate activities and assemblies throughout the year to provide more support for all of our students and deepen our sense of what it means to be a McClure Maverick. For students who have Special Education or English Language Learner Services needs, our teacher leaders in these services meet with the 5th grade teachers at "Riser Meetings" in June to gather information about individual students so we may serve them well.

    *This year's 6th grade orientation, led by our wonderful WEB leaders, is on Thursday, August 30, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and is for students only.

    What does the daily schedule look like?

    Students may arrive at McClure at 8:35am and are to be seated in their first period class by 8:55am School ends at 3:45pm.  After school M.O.S.T. (McClure Out of School Time) classes run from approximately 3:55pm - 5:15pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and 2:40pm - 4:40pm on Wednesday.  M.O.S.T. classes run mid-September through mid-December, and mid-January through early June.

    When does my child get his/her schedule?

    Students get their schedules on the first day of school.  Tables are set up in the gym organized by grade and students’ last names.   Students meet friends, staff, and parent volunteers in the gym to collect their schedules.  Though schedules may be viewable on the Source, we caution students and families that changes might be made up to the very last minute, so don’t become super attached to your schedule until the first day of school!

    Does every student have a locker?

    Yes, every McClure student is assigned a locker.  Students receive a locker use agreement during the first week of school, and lockers are given out during the second week of school.  At the orientation in August, sample locks are available and students are taught how to open them.

    Students do not need to bring all school supplies on the first day(s) of school since students won't have locker assignments yet.  Please bring a notebook and pens or pencils and backpack on the first day and teachers will let students know what supplies they will need before lockers are assigned.

    Lockers are assigned upon receipt of a signed locker agreement; signed by both parent and student.  Note: Per school rule, locker combinations are not to be shared.  Other school rules are outlined in our student planner, (see below).  Students are expected to put backpacks and electronic devices in lockers as they are not permitted in the classroom during the day.

    Can students use their cell phones during the school day?

    No, McClure is a cell-phone-free zone during school hours.  The expectation is to turn off phones and leave them in lockers, or at leave them at home.  If you need to contact your student during the school day, please call the office and we can deliver a message to your student.

    How much homework is there?

    The purpose of homework in middle school should be to reinforce or give practice with material already taught in class and is intended to be done by the student with minimal assistance from parents.  McClure offers monitored homework clubs after school so that students have support to complete assignments and projects.  Parents should not expect homework from each class every day as some assignments are best completed with direct teacher guidance in the classroom.  Homework varies by classroom and by grade-level.  On average, expect between 60-90 minutes of homework per night. Students are to read 30 minutes daily.

    How does one keep track of homework?

    Every McClure student receives a student planner at the beginning of the year.  The planner is used to track assignments.  Sixth graders are taught how to use the planner.  The student planner is an important key to success as the class reading log, rubric for the log, hall passes, and student code of conduct matrix with PRIDE expectations are all contained within the planner.  Replacement cost is $5.00 (limited to availability);  A xeroxed copy is provided for $3.00 if supplies run out.

    Teachers post homework assignments, projects and other coursework information on their Schoology page.  Student’s grades are posted on the Seattle School District’s online tool The Source.  More information on the Source, including instructions on how to register to gain access to The Source, is found on the SPS website.  More information on Schoology is found on the SPS website, linked here.  Note: teachers also utilize Schoology to inform students of upcoming assignments, activities, and assessments.  One planner is issued free of charge to each student at the beginning of the year.

    Do all grades eat lunch together?

    Yes, there are three different half-hour lunch periods and all grade levels are mixed in each of the 3 periods.

    Is bus transportation available?

    Some McClure students come to us on school buses from the Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods.  The school does not set up transportation so to get a confirmed answer on how your child will be transported, you have to contact the Transportation Department for Seattle Public Schools and give them your address and the school.  They will confirm if the transportation will be by school bus or by Metro.  School transportation is typically not available within a two-mile radius of the school.

    What schools feed in to McClure?

    Based on the Seattle School District's neighborhood assignment plan, we receive students from Coe, Hay, Queen Anne, and Lawton Elementary schools.  Most of our students come from the Queen Anne, Magnolia neighborhoods.  We also have students who enter McClure from a variety of other Seattle neighborhoods, from other states, and other countries.

    Is there science at McClure?

    Yes, McClure offers a full year of science at each grade level.  For more information on the middle school science curriculum, please see the Seattle Schools science page.

    Is there PE?

    Yes, there is PE!  All McClure students take at least one semester of PE unless they have signed up for two full year elective classes (Band, Orchestra, Choir, or Spanish) and have followed through on the PE waiver process.  PE waivers are not granted unless students are signed up for two full-year electives.  Note: Students generally are not able to take 2 semesters of PE in a given year due to availability.

    Can my child take music?

    Yes, McClure offers both beginning and intermediate band and orchestra, and beginning and intermediate choir.  We also have exploratory opportunities such as International Arts, and Ukelele - students are randomly assigned to these across their time at McClure.  Music home page.

    Is there recess time?

    No, there is not recess time during middle school. However, students have plenty of space at lunchtime to enjoy some down time:  Library: reading, to play chess or computer research,  Gym: volleyball, basketball and other fun activities, Cafeteria: eating, socializing and board games.

    Students cannot hang out in the hallways or upstairs during McClure lunch periods.

    Personal electronic devices are not allowed in the lunchroom.

    What is McClure’s philosophy on school absences and truancy to school?

    One of the most important things a student can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic:  going to school every day.  In fact, research has shown that a student’s attendance rate may be the biggest factor influencing his/her academic success.  Chronic absenteeism means missing 10 percent of a school year for any reason, excused or unexcused. In Seattle Public Schools, that means a total of 18 school days for the school year, or 2 absences per month.

    Chronic absenteeism and truancy negatively impact academic performance (Gottfried, 2009).  Moreover, chronic absenteeism also impacts students' personal and social well-being.  According to a survey by Todd Rogers of Harvard University, many parents mistakenly believe missing school in the early grades is fine and students will catch up;  that an absence is not a problem if a parent signs off;  and that only consecutive absences matter.  We strongly advise that families emphasize the importance of attending school, on-time every day, barring student illness, doctor’s appointments, or family emergency.  If absenteeism is a challenge for your student/family, we will provide support and resources to help you and your student get back on track!

    PLEASE NOTE: Students are expected to be on time to all classes.  3 unexcused tardies result in 15 minutes of work study time assigned at lunch.  See the section about attendance below for more information on what defines excused and unexcused tardies and absences.  Also note any tardy more than 10 minutes is automatically converted to an absence within the SPS system.

    We also strongly advise that families schedule their vacation time during our scheduled breaks (4 weeks during the school year, Dec. 18-Jan. 1, Feb. 19-23, and April 9-13; 10+ Summer weeks June 25 - Labor Day).  All days missed due to vacation will be marked as unexcused.

    How are students challenged at McClure Middle School?

    All classroom teachers take student challenge and support very seriously.  This is why they spend so much time collaborating with their teaching colleagues in developing differentiation strategies to both support students who are not mastering a skill or standard, and to challenge and inspire students who are meeting or exceeding a particular skill or standard.

    Language Arts

    To better serve and increase rigorous learning opportunities for all students, McClure Middle School's Language Arts Department follows a blended (or clustered) model for the composition of our Language Arts;  all of our Language Arts courses will include students who have tested in to Spectrum and General Education students who have not.  There are no separate Spectrum classes.  We effectively serve our students in a blended model which will lead to higher achievement and opportunities for rigor for all of our students. Language Arts home page.


    The McClure program offers math courses ranging from 6th grade math through Algebra I.  Unlike elementary school, there are no "honors" or “Spectrum” math classes;  students are placed in the next most appropriate math class (i.e. students who completed Math 6 will be promoted into Math 7).  Students may be in math courses with students in other grade levels.

    If a student has been accelerated in elementary school to the point that they will require Geometry in middle school, the school and the family will work together with the District to determine a how to offer the student a solution.  Families can choose to go through the district opt-up process.  (Not recommended as students are, in effect, skipping an entire year's worth of skills and content knowledge.)

    McClure math teachers are observant of students' cognitive processing intentionally utilizing observations, student achievement data, and diagnostic assessments to ensure students are in the best possible placement. Math home page.

    What Special Education programs do you offer?

    McClure offers a range of services and supports for students who qualify for an IEP.  Some students attend all or most classes in a mainstream or inclusion setting.  We also provide classes that are considered “Resource” in a special education setting for Math, Reading, Writing, Social Skills, and Study Skills for students who qualify for those services.

    Additionally, we have students with a variety of needs who are served in self-contained settings for some or all of their academic day, for example, at McClure we have a dedicated program for students who are considered Medically Fragile, an SEL program for qualifying students with a need for intensive behavior supports, and a variety of self-contained settings for students with specific individual needs related to their development.  These settings are in the process of being named/realigned with the High School feeder configurations that are consistent with those student’s IEP and academic goals and needs. Special Education home page.

    What if my child has a 504 Plan in elementary?

    We receive information about students who have a 504 support plan from elementary school.  Our 504 coordinator will contact the family to review the plan with the 504 team and will make any revisions necessary.

    Are there after school programs?

    M.O.S.T. - the "Maverick" Out of School Time is one of the best after school programs around!  Various classes are offered each semester, 3:55pm - 5:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and 2:40pm - 4:40pm on Wednesdays.  Classes in the past have included Homework Club, creative writing, pottery, drawing and painting, dance, chess, magic, fitness and weights, music, cooking, book club, team sports, art specialties, i.e., animation.  Transportation is provided.

    Are there sports at McClure?

    McClure participates in all sports offered by Seattle middle schools.  They include: Fall Sports - Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, Girls' Soccer;  Winter Sports - Boys' and Girls' Basketball;  Spring Sports - Co-ed Track, Boys' Soccer, and Girls' Volleyball.  To participate in the Seattle Public Schools sports program, your child will need to have an Athlete Registration & Physical Form filled out prior to participating.  A portion of this form needs to be completed by medical personnel.

    How can I be involved in the school?

    There are many ways for parents to stay involved and stay informed about what is happening at McClure.  McClure's web site provides information on events and activities.  The PTSA emails a weekly newsletter to each family who self-registers to receive the newsletter.  Many teachers provide ongoing email communication to keep parents updated on classroom assignments.  You can self-subscribe to the McClure PTSA newsletter on the PTSA web page, or email

    If you have the time you can also come to the school and join our awesome volunteer crew.  Parents can be involved in many ways to support the programs at McClure.  We have parents who help in classrooms, in the hallway or cafeteria during lunch, in the library, in the office, and in the nurse's office.  You can help supervise field trips, be an instructor for one of our Maverick Out of School Time (M.O.S.T) programs, or provide support tutoring to individual students.

    Our PTSA has many volunteer opportunities!  At the beginning of the school year, you will receive either a hard copy or an electronic version of our Volunteer Form.  Want to go ahead and sign up now?  Email  Middle school is over in the blink of an eye, so go ahead and jump in - there are many awesome opportunities to help your kids be lifelong learners!