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    Smarter Balance State Testing 2018
    Posted on 05/03/2018
    McClure is gearing up for state (Smarter Balance) testing from Monday, May 14 to Tuesday, May 22 with make-ups through May 25th.  Your student will be taking his/her grade level State tests during this time.  Here is the test schedule:

    Monday, May 14 - Grade 8 will test in the AM, and Grade 7 will test in the PM
    Tuesday, May 15 – Grade 6 will test in the AM, and Grade 8 will test in the PM
    Thursday, May 17 – Grade 7 will test in the AM, and Grade 6 will test in the PM
    Friday, May 18 - Grade 8 will test in the AM, and Grade 7 will test in the PM
    Monday, May 21 – Grade 6 will test in the AM, and Grade 8 will test in the PM
    Tuesday, May 22 – Grade 7 will test in the AM, and Grade 6 will test in the PM

    Please take note of the dates and ensure your child has ample rest and a good breakfast!  They may bring a water bottle into the testing rooms. 

    Also – during the testing sessions, students are actually encouraged to bring earbuds (NOT cell phones or other electronics) to the testing room.  Cell phone violations will result in the same consequences outlined in the student handbook.

    This is the only prep your family needs – your McClure student is ready!!

    One way to think about Common Core and SBAC:

    As a school, we have tried to be clear with our families about Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the level of rigor they demand.  These standards and this test give parents and educators genuine information year-to-year about students’ academic progress.

    “Here’s what the Common Core is designed to communicate:  if your children are meeting the standards, it means they are believed to be on track for college and career readiness by the end of high school – real readiness, the kind that doesn’t require remediation on campus.  If they aren’t meeting the standards, it means that they are off track.  That doesn’t mean they are ‘failing,’ or even ‘below average.’  But it does mean they need to accelerate their progress if they are likely to be able to take bona fide college courses upon entry or have the best possible shot at a well-paying job."

    Michael Petrilli in “Not Meeting Standards: A Warning Light, Not a Death Sentence”
    in The Education Gadfly, March 25, 2015 (Vol. 15, #12),

    We use Common Core State Standards to develop grade level skill-building and curriculum.  We have prepared our kids to do their very best and we are committed to using the information to authentically support our students for success both within and beyond the doors of McClure Middle School.

    To read more about the state Smarter Balanced assessments, please visit this Seattle Public Schools webpage:

    Families who refuse to allow their children to participate in these common assessments, must submit a request in writing and sign and date the communication. The communication must specify the specific assessments they are opting out of.  Parents or guardians must submit a refusal form,, or submit a clear written and signed document.  Refusal requests should be submitted to the child's principal prior to the start of testing.  Check with your school for information about testing dates.

    Additional refusal details and implications: 

    • The opt out/refusal is valid for one school year.  If you want to refuse participation in any assessment, you will need to re-submit the form.

    • Students who do not participate will receive a "zero" score on the assessment and no score report will be provided for teachers or families to view.

    • The zero score negatively impacts the school’s overall recorded score.

    • Students who do not participate will receive supervision but not instruction during assessment time;  we will find a quiet place to read or do homework (in the library or office).  Since all staff members will be supervising the assessment or conducting classes, we are unable to provide alternative instruction.

    • As a district, we are required to have at least 95 percent Smarter Balanced participation.  Because some of our schools did not meet this requirement last spring, OSPI has notified the district of the possibility that funding could be withheld.

    • Teachers will not receive results that could otherwise be used as a tool to measure the student's academic growth, for example, in the core academic areas of reading, writing, math, and/or science.

    • Families will not receive results that will enable them to chart the student's growth over time.

    • Smarter Balanced is used as an achievement measure for Highly Capable and Advanced Learner eligibility.  In order to be designated as Highly Capable or as an Advanced Learner, multiple criteria are considered, including but not limited to measures of both cognitive and achievement abilities.  If a student goes through the Highly Capable or Advanced Learner referral process, but refuses to participate in Smarter Balanced testing, the student will not meet all of the criteria for those services.  Note that families in this case will have the option to appeal the decision.

    • Students who do not receive a passing score for the high school state assessment in all required subjects, or an approved alternative (including the state-defined prerequisites to access approved alternatives), will not be able to obtain a high school diploma.

    The Smarter Balanced assessment for 10th grade is currently a state requirement to graduate from high school.

    Thank you for all you do at home to prepare your child for learning and life.  At school, we are proud of our strong families and outstanding students!

    Shannon Conner
    Principal, McClure Middle School